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Social media is a great tool to utilize when building your personal brand.  Using various platforms can keep you connected with what’s happening locally, as well as nationally, in your specific field/industry. By understanding the basics of Twitter and LinkedIn, you’ll also have access to potential job opportunities that you would normally miss out on. In short, using social media while on the job market has numerous advantages.

As much as it can be helpful, Social Media can also be harmful to someone’s progress on the job market. By using it creatively and responsibly, you may speed up progress while on the hunt for a new job opportunity. Below are some quick tips to follow when using social media to boost your marketability:

  • Always be aware of the content you are publishing.
  • If you’re actively seeking employment opportunities, adjust privacy settings for social profiles as needed.
  • Tags (Facebook and LinkedIn), mentions and hashtags (Twitter) have the potential to negate your profile before you can remove them. Be aware of what your friends are including you in on social media!
  • Follow and read blogs that pertain to your field; interact within the comment section, but be polite.
  • “Like” companies of interest and ensure they’re in your Facebook newsfeed to catch posted job openings and other related announcements
  • Always choose reasonable profile photos for all social networking sites/profiles
  • Follow companies and join group discussions on LinkedIn
  • Visit recruiting sites and sign up for e-news and related email updates (WalrathRecruiting.com features an email sign-up for daily notification of new job postings)
  • Use Twitter as a local job search tool by searching hashtags like #jobs, #Albany or #518, #tech, and other key words that pertain to your search
  • If you like to write or take photos, express yourself by starting a blog. By using the right keywords, you’ll increase your SEO rankings (just make sure your material is acceptable – and even better, that it occasionally pertains to your field of interest)

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