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pencil erasersWork is going well. You enjoy your job, get along great with co-workers, you’ve conquered your duties day to day, you are a success story in the office. Best of all, you’re still feeling excited about being a part of the organization. Still, there are periods throughout the day when the office can get a bit stifling and a little bit of motivation is needed.

No biggie. It’s as simple as changing your coffee routine (yes, seriously.)

1. Get moving. No one has time to fit in an entire exercise routine during lunch, but simple exercise techniques throughout the day can energize and motivate like nothing else! Research stretches you can do at your desk, trade your office chair in for a stability ball, or take a short walk during lunch. If it’s mid-afternoon and you’re feeling restless, opt for a 5 minute stroll through and outside your building – and find some stairs! You’ll feel rejuvenated after upping your heart rate for a short period of time.

2. Freshen up your morning routine.
You know those popular “things successful people do to start their work day” blogs and articles that are frequently shared on LinkedIn? They’re widely shared because there are some truths to them. Though most people aren’t quick to rework their morning drill entirely, it is a good idea to make some adjustments which could lead to improved productivity throughout the day. Try forming a daily to-do list the second you sit at your desk, immediately tackle the leftover to-do’s from the previous day, and/or return phone calls to those who’ve left messages in your voice mail overnight, rather than scroll through LinkedIn updates.

3. Food & Drink. If you’re a creature of habit, switch things up a little: from a breakfast stop that you treat yourself to once per week, to getting lunchtime coffee to-go at a location different from your usual barista, add some variety to your routine! Pick up lunch at a restaurant you’ve never tried before, or create an updated playlist with different music than your usual tunes. Adding variety to your day-to-day routine can help keep things exciting. Best of all, it’s simple – so get out of that rut!

4. Tasks becoming mundane? Reorder them! Try working on / completing different tasks or projects at different times than usual. Even just reordering one or two can revamp your day – of course, if it feels entirely too weird, feel free to resume the usual schedule (but do try a new coffee shop at lunch!)

5. Study up on office feng shui – or, forego the time it takes to research paint colors and plants and just update the photos at your workspace. Get square Instagram photos developed at Walgreens for just cents, and snag a cheap bulletin board to pin up your family and pets to add comfort to your space. Use framed prints and other bright accessories to up the energy, or go for some new desk accessories that are a little more on the executive side. Reorganizing your desk can even do wonders in terms of spicing up the day-to-day!

Small changes to your work day can drastically improve concentration and overall productivity. Dig yourself out of the 9-5 rut and try something new whether it be during breakfast, lunch, or sometime in between.

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