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Throughout the entire hiring process, it’s well understood that it serves you best to present yourself in a professional manner. This means dressing appropriately, speaking professionally, and ridding your resume of any grammatical errors. It’s confusing then, why many candidates seem to overlook their e-mails in terms of professionalism. I’m not talking the way in which they utilize e-mail, but the username they select. So today we’ll be discussing why it’s important to maintain a professional e-mail address, in addition to some specific suggestions.

The First Step in the Process

While e-mail may not be used too often for personal exchanges, it’s still the go-to form of communication in the professional world. It also plays a crucial role in the hiring process. While a few hiring managers do text their candidates, the majority of hiring communication is done via e-mail and phone. It follows then that these two items are listed on most candidate resumes. Since recruiters and hiring managers are likely contacting you through these means, it’s smart to keep the username professional.

It’s surprising the number of e-mails on resumes that are entirely unprofessional and send the wrong message. When you list your e-mail on a resume, you have to keep in mind that it will be used. The person who may be deciding to interview you (or not) will see it. If your username is, you should think about changing it. It’s entirely possible that a hiring manager is impressed with your resume, and is about to contact you, only to see your e-mail and change their mind.

Choosing a Professional E-Mail

So if you’d like a few suggestions to update an old e-mail read on. For starters, g-mail is always free and comes with many features built into having a Google account. Once you’ve settled on a provider, it’s time to come up with your own username. The easiest to come up with and the most professional are centered around your name, or variations of it. A few examples could be:


These are certainly the easiest to come up with but they are also most likely taken. If you find that your name is taken, consider adding a few numbers at the end until you find a username that is available. There are so many gmail usernames already taken, no hiring manager will think anything of a few numbers at the end of your e-mail. Just make sure you go with something like, not Keep it as professional as you can.

Now that you have a new e-mail, you may be wondering what you should do with your other one. You can also have all of your new e-mail forwarded to it, if you’d like to wholly switch over. Or, you could use this account solely for job searching. This makes it incredibly easy to know when you have something to respond to! Either way, with these few steps, you now have an e-mail that is professional, and won’t make a hiring manager think twice.


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