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While your resume is technically the first impression you give, the interview is the first in person impression. A lot of weight is given to the importance of the interview, and it’s crucial to get it right. Today, we’ve gathered some of the best blogs, articles, and links with great advice on how to ace the interview, in addition to other topics. We hope these links help you knock your next job interview out of the park!

The Interview Skill Guaranteed to Give You An Edge

Many candidates go to interviews prepared to speak to their qualifications and their technical aptitudes. However, not many job seekers think of the importance of their soft skills. This article highlights a few key soft skills that are backed by research as the most important. By understanding their importance, you can better represent yourself at your next job interview.

Mark Cuban on the Important Thing You Should Look For in a Job Offer

Entrepreneur and Shark Tank investor Mark Cuban has his hand in many businesses, and understands how to motivate his employees and partners. In this Time article, Cuban highlights what he thinks makes a job offer stand out. Unsurprisingly, it involves investments. Cuban believes that being offered equity by an employer should greatly sweeten the job offer. Just be forewarned that the companies ebbs and flows will also be affecting your shares.

10 Types of Interviews (and How to Ace Them)

You may be wondering how there are 10 different types of interviews, but if you read the list, you will slowly realize just how many there are! No two job interviews look the same, so knowing how to prepare for each type is extremely helpful. In person, Skype, phone, lunch, job fair, all of these types of interviews are covered in this long form list. Each interview type has a few blogs you can read about it to better prepare yourself for that type of interview. If you’re having a non-traditional job interview soon, this is the place to read up!

11 Resume Mistakes That Make Hiring Managers Dismiss You Immediately

It’s easy for a hiring manager to forgive a few words you stumble over in an interview. If you have a mistake on your resume however, they’ll likely be less kind. When it comes time for hiring managers to review resumes, there are  usually hundreds of applicants. This bottleneck results in a lot of resumes being tossed aside. If any mistakes are noticed, it can quickly result in a resume being discarded. Keep this from happening to you by avoiding any potential resume mistakes!

Recruiters Share the Best Interview Answer They’ve Ever Heard

In this article, recruiters recalled the best answers they’ve received in interviews. What’s great about this is that it illustrates the strength of an organic response in job interviews. Too many candidates go in with premeditated answers to questions, and they wind up sounding robotic or non-conversational. The reason many of these answers work so well is because they’re natural. You may have a great response prepared, but talking to your interviewer human to human could also win the day. Check out this one for some interview inspiration.

How to Unstick Your Stuck Job Search

Looking for a job can sometimes feel like running on a treadmill- you’ve put in a lot of work but you’re still in the same place you started. It can be very frustrating, especially if you’re unemployed. It’s important not to let the frustration conquer you, and this article from PayScale can help you win it over. With just a few simple suggestions, you’ll be on the path towards employment!

For Frustrated Job Seekers, Lots of Love On LinkedIn

This is also a great article to consult if you’re feeling frustrated in your job search pursuits. For anyone feeling like they’re not getting results, LinkedIn is a great gathering place. Professionals both employed and unemployed gather there, and it’s a great place to build connections and share stories. As much as it is a professional network, it also a place to interact socially and share advice on careers.

That’s it for this week! Interviews are going to be a critical component of the hiring process into the near future, so we hope you are now better prepared! As always check back next week for another Link Roundup full of new and fresh advice!

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