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We’re back once again with the best links regarding job search and career advice from across the web! This week brings a wealth of information on the current state of the job market with the release of the April jobs report. The links shared below also have some interesting insights into how the political climate is affecting work, as well as valuable job search methodologies.

The 3 New Rules for the 21st-Century Jobseeker

When beginning your job search, it’s important to realize the landscape is vastly different from only a few years ago. There are a multitude of ways to land a job today. There’s also many other factors that will be considered for and against you. Your reputation online is a considerable factor that could hurt your candidacy for a position. Also, in the digital age, relationships are more important than ever. This article will break down a few ways the job market has changed and how you can evolve.

5 Things to Watch in the April Jobs Report

The Wall Street Journal has used their ‘5 Things’ style blog to break down the most recent jobs report from the Department of Labor. This short and sweet blog describes 5 key points to watch. Each point gets a paragraph, and a helpful image to go along with it. It’s an easy way to digest information from a huge document without getting overwhelmed. If you want some insight into hiring trends, this blog is a quick and painless way to find out a lot of information.

Are Your Job Skills Hot or Not? This Chart Will Tell You

We’ve recently discussed the importance of soft skills, and how to represent them. You’re probably wondering what the value of those skills is. Thankfully Dice has developed a way for you to determine that value. Using a rearrangeable dot chart, you can check the demand vs the supply of certain skill sets. Both technical and soft skills are represented here, so take a look to check out where your own skills fall on the graph. Thankfully there is a wide variety of display options so you can view the data in whichever way is most comfortable for you.

Since the Election, Political Talk in the Workplace Hurting Job Performance: Poll

Political tensions have been high ever since the 2016 election, and and have carried through President Trump’s first 100 days. This led to more political discussions at work. Conflicting political opinions and beliefs can certainly cause stress, and it’s no surprise it’s affecting work. The American Psychological Association recently conducted a survey to determine the results of political discussion at work. Based on their findings, these conversations are raising stress levels now more than they were in the months leading up to the election.

The No. 1 Way to Nail a Job Interview

This great article from Forbes serves as a great general guide to performing well in an interview. It begins by stressing the importance of storytelling , which is something we’ve discussed in the past. Writer Nancy Collamer then goes on to describe the questions hiring managers themselves are trying to answer when conducting an interview. This is a perspective that most candidates fail to consider, but it’s ultimately the one that has the greatest impact on your chances. Collamer then goes on to explain the best way to structure your stories to make them the most effective.

U.S. Labor Market Tightening; Productivity Drops in First Quarter

Reuters also did their own breakdown of the April jobs report. They discovered a few things, and one of them seems to be that now is a great time to be a job seeker. Employers are hard pressed for new hires due to unemployment being at a near-historic low. This indicates that there is no other base to tap for hires. Passive candidates and anyone searching are both in great positions to find great opportunities. It may not be a bad idea to consider a passive search, or at least leave your options open. If you’re also curious how this employment trend may affect interest rates, the article also has broken that down.

Should It Be Legal to Underpay Someone Based on Their Previous Job?

This is the question that has been sweeping the nation. Many policymakers believe that allowing employers to ask job seekers their previous salary furthers the wage gap between men and women. Thus, many lawmakers have been focusing on passing legislation to make it illegal to ask about previous salary. This legislation has already been enacted in the state of Massachusetts, and within the cities of D.C., Philadelphia, and New York City. Similar legislation is now being looked at on a federal scale.

Email Attacks Hit Google: What to Do if You Clicked

Did you recently receive an email from one of your email contacts asking you to open a shared Google Drive document? If the answer is yes, you were targeted by a phishing attack that recently affected over a million Gmail users. If you did click the, link, not to worry. The NY Times has outlined what steps you can take if you believe you may have fallen victim to the scam. In addition, they also offer some advice on how you can avoid similar attacks in the future. Click the link for help!

That’s it for this week! It certainly was interesting to see the numbers based on the recent jobs report, which gives some insight into the state of the job market. Thankfully, things are looking good for job seekers! On the other hand it seems to be somewhat desperate times for employers. As always, check back next week for another Link Roundup of the latest and greatest!

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