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Though there’s generally a negative viewpoint toward economic job growth in the Capital Region, we’re adding an overwhelming amount of mid-to-senior level positions to our job bank and have increased staff by 50% in the past calendar year.  Managers of small, medium and large-sized organizations are looking for candidates to fill great openings, and we are adding additional recruiters to our team every few months to serve our clients quickly and efficiently. If you’re on the market, it’s time to take action.

Some things you can do to boost your job hunting experience:
We’re easy to find, and even easier to register with. Submitting resumes to recruiters is easier than ever before, whether through the firm’s official website, via the firm’s Facebook Page in the form of a private message, or on linked in.  Most do not charge for applicant services and placement (and if they do, it’s time to explore elsewhere!) Take advantage of linking up with a well-connected recruiter who will serve as an extra set of eyes for you.
Open an account on a resume database site such as Monster.com.
Recruiters actively search resume databases on a daily basis.  Keep your most current contact information as well as a recently updated resume (packed with key words pertaining to your field/industry.)
Stay connected with your recruiter.
Touch base regularly – whether it be through email or phone, it’s always a great idea to check in with that extra set of eyes/ears.
Stay connected… period.
Be aware of what’s happening in the job market by following companies of interest through Linked in and other means. View websites, perform market research, and of course…
Focus on your own professional growth.
Continuing education, gaining extra certifications, and staying on top of new developments within your field are key in staying on top of the application stack.

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