Finding the Spark

General Job Search Advice
To truly be successful in any line of work, you've got to honestly believe in what it is that you're doing. Are you involved in work that is somehow beneficial to others? Are you spending the majority of your week performing in a field that's satisfying and gratifying in addition to producing a paycheck? Do you want to get out of bed in the morning? Many impressive resumes pass through the Walrath Recruiting office. We essentially get to know a person on paper, read about his or her experience and wide array of skills and accomplishments, and cannot wait to pick up the phone and "meet" for the first time. It's this initial phone contact that, as short and simple as it may be, can reveal one's enthusiasm for a…
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A Thank You Goes a Long Way

Acing the Interview, All About Recruiters
Many components of a successful job search depend on written expression. From cover letters to concise, well organized resumes and general email correspondence regarding appointment scheduling and other matters, an applicant’s job search largely depends on various forms of written communication. One of the top ways an applicant can leave a lasting impression is by sending a handwritten “thank you” note to those who’ve helped along the way. From career and resume counselors to the companies you’ve interviewed with, each person helping you in the job search should be thanked the good old fashioned way. So, why not thank someone via email or text message? And what about utilizing the private messaging capabilities of Facebook and LinkedIn ? While there are many quick, free ways to thank someone, the handwritten…
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Joining the Saratogian

Behind the Scenes
We at Walrath Recruiting, Inc. are excited to announce our new blog relationship with The Saratogian! Published in both print and online, The Saratogian primarily serves the Saratoga Springs, NY area. Though our main office is based out of Albany, we frequently provide staffing and recruiting services to those in Saratoga Springs. We look forward to publishing some great content that our new Saratogian audience will find both valuable and enjoyable! In addition to our new blog at the Saratogian, we finally get to launch a project that has been waiting in the wings for the right time. "Coffee Break" is our new blog portal, where all of our blogging goodness can be found; visitors of the Saratogian will be directed straight to Coffee Break when clicking on active post…
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