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“So, tell me about yourself.”

One of the most dreaded – and commonly used – interview questions is often the start of a bad first impression for many job candidates. It can be answered easily, however. Practice, a little bit of rehearsing, and following a few simple content-related tips can help one sail through the early stages of an interview.

Why do hiring managers ask this question?
Candidates are given a chance to demonstrate how articulate and confident they are, as well as what’s most important to them in terms of a career (and the specific position they’re interviewing for.)

Give a preview of yourself – avoid the personal and stick to the professional.

Do not start out by giving a summary of your personal life. Stick to your most recent work experience and skills that are relevant to the job you’re interviewing for.
Preparing a concise summary of your background and how it relates to specific aspects of the position you’re interviewing for is a great way to let hiring managers know you’re serious about the opportunity.
Be brief – and be prepared
The most important thing to remember when a hiring manager asks you to tell about yourself: never respond by asking, “what do you want to know?” It’s a sure-fire way to blow the entire interview, as it leads to a bad first impression. Be confident, speak clearly, and describe yourself in a way that demonstrates how well you would fit the company and the position.

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