Personalized job placement services.

Let us help you take the right steps toward your ideal career with our personalized job placement services. Walrath Recruiting, Inc. is dedicated to placing you in the position best for you—a perfect fit that meets all your needs, and those of the hiring company. We examine your background and skillset closely and compare your professional experience to the available positions you’re interested in. This helps to ensure that you’re advancing your career in a company that suits your personal and professional goals. Not only will your past work experience and skills fit the position – your personality and personal needs will fit the position and the company perfectly. It doesn’t matter if you’re currently employed, unemployed, seeking an entry-level career or a great opportunity as an experienced professional – we’ll ensure that you’re matched with the best possible career fit that will enable you advancement.

There are no fees for applicants using our services. Applicants looking for careers through Walrath Recruiting will benefit from:

  • Creative and innovative solutions to get you in the position you want, helping you to meet financial and professional goals
  • Interview and career coaching
  • Resume counseling services (fees applicable.) Included is a free consultation, plus full rewriting services for a minimal fee (based on length of professional experience and industry.)

To learn more about the industries we serve, view job postings.

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