We love providing quality career and job search advice to all of our readers. However, we know it can be tiresome to read content from the same site over and over. To ensure you get all the advice you need, we’ve gathered a list of our favorite blogs about career advice. Furthermore, all we ask is that you don’t forget about us!

The Top 1-5

1. The Muse – The Muse is a great resource for anyone busy with a job search. It’s mainly geared towards a Millennial audience, but much of the advice is applicable to any job seeker. They also list cool places to work, which is worth checking out.

2. Jobacle – Jobacle stands out from simply having great content. The site is very easy to navigate and all of the articles read quickly. Any topic from asking for a raise to working with a recruiter, is covered here.

3. Talent Culture – Talent Culture is slightly different in that it’s content focuses in a few areas: Leadership, Social Business, Career Strategy, and Workplace Culture and Innovation. If any of those categories interest you, check out their site.

4. Flex Jobs – Looking for a flexible work schedule? This site is your answer. If you’re looking to work remotely, telecommute, or work in freelance, this site should be your destination for advice.

5. Ask a Manager – Ask a Manager is a site that in my opinion is more useful for someone who is currently employed. It covers many HR topics and an experienced manager gives her perspective on awkward work situations. It makes for great reading because all of the advice is based on real world experiences.

The Top 6-10

6. Corporette – Corporette specializes in career guidance for women. The site has a unique balance of casual and professional content, with unique tags. All career advice is tagged career, whereas a post about a new clothing accessory would be filed under ‘coffee break’. If you want your advice balanced with more casual blogging, check out Corporette.

7. Penelope Trunk – Like blog #6 on our list, this blog mainly focuses on women in the workplace, and also balances between casual and professional advice. This advice is much more sporadic, so keep that in mind when you head on over to read.

8. Integrity Staffing Solutions –  As you know, recruiters can be a great source for career advice. Integrity Staffing Solutions also is one such company that offers quality career advice. Their site is extremely clean and digestible. Articles read very quickly and are straight to the point. For no-nonsense advice, read this blog.

9. Monster – You may know Monster as the job board giant, but what many don’t realize is that they have a fantastic blog about job searching. Articles are very short and easy to read, and many of them harness the vast amount of data at Monster’s fingertips.

10. Jibber Jobber – Jibber Jobber functions as a job board, job search center, and blog. The blog looks more like a message forum, but the advice is of the highest quality. If you’re looking for quirky advice in your job search, check out this blog.

Every blog is unique and fantastic for a different reason, so we hope you discover what makes each and every blog on this list great. While you may fall in love with these blogs we’d also appreciate it if you came back!