Working in the recruitment and executive search industries, we commonly find our clients and candidates wondering what exactly we do. In order to provide some insight and clarification, we want to address some specific and popular myths and assumptions about recruiters! Find out below!

Myth #1

A recruiter works for me to find a job.

In our case, this is false. While some agencies work for job seekers, these types of companies will have fees associated with working with them. At Walrath Recruiting, our clients come to us and give us a job to fill, and we seek out the best candidate for them. Because we want to fill these positions for our clients, we go out of our way to make working with us a good experience for any candidates free of charge.

Myth #2

Recruiters are career/resume counselors.

False. By the time you are working with a recruiter, you should have already fine-tuned your resume to be the best it can be. We not only offer advice on our blog about this, but we also offer resume writing services, you can check that out and how it works, here.

Myth #3

A recruiter’s commission comes out of my salary.

False. And a common misconception! When a company signs a contract with a recruiter, that contract guarantees a percentage of the first year’s salary for the placement.  However, this percentage is not taken out of the salary. It is paid to the recruiter separate from the salary. It only uses the salary as a basis to find the figure.

Myth #4

Job boards have rendered recruiters irrelevant.

False. While job boards are a great resource and something we utilize at our organization, they don’t function in the way a recruiter does. Working with a recruiter means we make sure you are the right fit for the job. We have inside knowledge and information on the company and position that won’t be made available on job boards, and we use this information to make sure we only reach out when we think a position is right for you. This keeps you from wasting your time with interviews and applications you may not be qualified for, or that may not meet your salary requirements.

 Myth #5

Recruiters don’t care about negotiating my salary.

False. As previously mentioned, recruiters are given commission based on the first year’s salary. This means our goal is to help you get the salary you deserve. We will negotiate with the clients to make sure you get the best salary possible, considering it suits your skills and qualifications as a candidate.

Myth #6

Recruiting firms are only good for low-level jobs.

False. This is also a common misconception that has been around since early recruitment firms appeared. When the recruiting industry was new, many of the positions were only for low paying and temporary positions. However, the industry has evolved, and now companies use recruiting firms to fill jobs for low, mid, and all the way up to C-Suite positions.

Myth #7

Recruiters use the same resources as corporate recruiters/Human Resources.

False. While corporate recruiters and hiring managers may use the same job boards as recruiters, recruiters are set apart in that they specialize in finding the best candidate. While HR may only have to find a new hire every few months, recruiters are constantly filling positions and using the best resources available to them because they are consistently finding a vast number of candidates.

Myth #8

You should prepare for a job offer if you get an interview with a recruiter.

False. Here at Walrath Recruiting, we require all our candidates to be pre-screened before they are considered for a position. What this means is if you are scheduled to interview with one of our recruiters, you are simply being considered to have the client look at you for the position. It’s possible this may be followed up by an interview with the client, but only if we find your qualifications a good match for the position.

Myth #9

I won’t receive benefits using a recruitment firm.

False. You are entitled to and will receive the same benefits by being hired through a recruiter as if you were found and brought in by the clients Human Resources Department.

Myth #10

A recruiting firm won’t find me a permanent position.

False. At Walrath Recruiting, we source for three types of jobs. The first being permanent positions. Second, we do work on positions that are temporary to permanent. This means our client will take you on as a temporary employee, and if they are satisfied with your work, you are brought onto the team permanently. The last type of positions we have are temporary or contract, meaning you work for the client for a set amount of time. On our website, you can very easily search between all three types of positions, as well as filter if you’re looking for full or part-time.


Did this clear up a few common misconceptions you may have had about recruitment firms? If you have an additional question or need further clarification, please leave us a comment and we’d be happy to help!