woman writing a thank you note

A thank-you note is a powerful tool for both the job-seeker and currently employed. Sending a thank-you note shows the person receiving it that you appreciated their time. The type of thank-you all depends on the situation. If the recipient is someone you’ve been contacting via email, then email is appropriate. A hand-written thank you is always encouraged if not incredibly time-sensitive. This can be done after an interview, an event that your company hosted/sponsored, or a meeting with a client. Keep reading on to find out why a thank-you note really makes a difference!

It Could Make or Break a Job Offer

Taking a few minutes out of your day to send a thank-you note after a job interview can make all the difference! Even if the thank-you is sent via email, the hiring manager will much appreciate it. If you can expedite a hand-written thank-you, even better! It shows you took that extra step and it’s much more personable. So why would it make or break a job offer? Well, taking the time to send a thank-you and mentioning some key takeaways from the interview, will show the hiring manager that you’re serious about the job and that you were actively listening and attentive throughout the interview. You’ll certainly have the upper hand versus those who don’t reach back out.

It Makes You Memorable

A hiring manager, attendee of your event, or client will certainly remember the company or individual who reached out to thank them for the opportunity, invite, or time. As a candidate, you’ll be more likely to be offered the job (aforementioned). As an attendee of your sponsored event, maybe the attendee will think of your company’s products or services the next time they are in need of something you offer! Or may be more inclined to see what you offer. No matter the case, a thank-you is a fresh and positive reminder of who you are!

It shows the Receiver That They Are Appreciated

No matter the case, thank you’s don’t always happen. So when the receiver is thanked for their time, it makes them feel appreciated. Everyone likes to feel appreciated and like they made a difference. Even if you went through an interview and realized the company wasn’t the best fit for you, it’s still polite to thank them. They took the time to schedule you to come in and spent time getting to know you as a candidate. If you’re thanking people for coming to your company event, they’ll see that their presence was valuable! These notes or emails don’t have to be incredibly lengthy, it’s just something to let them know they are appreciated.

We hope this post inspires you and reminds you to say thank-you as much as you can! People will remember you for it, whatever the business circumstance you are in.