leaving a job

Job-hopping has become a common career trend with the decrease in the unemployment rate. Individuals have more opportunities at their fingertips to leap to. From the looks of it, going from job to job can seem like a good thing. You’re adding more experiences to your resume, reaching for a challenge, and possibly growing your salary base. But, job-hopping isn’t as great as it looks. There are some major downsides that can affect your career. Find out what those are by reading below!


Leaving a company too soon can prevent an opportunity for you to move up the company ladder. We typically want to leave a job when we feel stuck in a routine or no longer satisfied, but that may just mean we need a more challenging position. The solution isn’t to always leave your company of employment. The longer you remain at a company, are showing your worth, and putting in top-notch work, the more likely you will be promoted. A promotion isn’t going to be handed to someone who’s new to the company. Job-hopping will limit the odds of ever getting a promotion.


Your resume will clearly self-identify you as a job-hopper. If future employers see that you have a long list of experience but a limited time at each place, they’ll take that as a red flag. You’ll be perceived as someone they can’t rely on.  An employer doesn’t want to invest in someone that is going to up and leave after a short amount of time. Loyalty and dependability go a long way and employers will appreciate that.

Job Security

Given your short amount of time at a company, you may be on the constant chopping block if there are layoffs that arise. Jumping from company to company will make you more vulnerable to getting laid off. Sure, you can just move on to the next one if that happens, but as we mentioned, the more you’re hopping, the less likely you’ll be hired! Once employers start seeing a pattern in your resume, you’ll be in trouble.

We hope this article makes you think twice about constantly seeking a new job! We’re not saying in every case you should stay at a company for longevity. Sometimes there are factors that prove it is time to move on to something new. This shouldn’t always be the case! If you’re trying to decide if you should leave your job for a new one, check out some of our right and wrong reasons for leaving a job here!