Conducting your job search can be exciting, yet overwhelming. You want to ensure that you stay organized throughout the process so that you can easily navigate through your search, contact the hiring manager easily, keep track of when/where you applied, send a follow-up at the appropriate time, etc. So how do you stay organized? Find out below!

Create a Spreadsheet

Utilizing a spreadsheet is an extremely efficient way to keep track of your job search. You can customize it, create as many fields as you’d like, and can edit and update it easily. To get some ideas on what fields to include, start with tracking the company name, the name of the hiring manager who you are keeping in contact with, the hiring manager’s email and phone number, the date that you applied, how you applied – online, form, email, with a cover letter, phone call, and a notes section. Then following, you can create a field that lists the interview schedule date, or the interview date, a follow-up section – or a time to follow up and when you did, and where you’re at – or a status update section. You can use programs such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. Google Sheets can also be interconnected from your phone to desktop easily.

Utilize a Calendar App

Utilizing a calendar tracking system can help you stay organized throughout your job search as well. You can pair the calendar with your spreadsheet – to create reminders in your calendar for dates that you should follow up, interview dates, etc. If you utilize Google Calendar, you can interchange it with your spreadsheet from Google Sheets and keep everything cohesive to help you stay on top of dates in your job search and set reminders as needed.

Simplify Your Job Search

You may think that applying to a great number of jobs is your best bet to landing a job. However, doing so can actually negatively impact your search. Focus on the types of jobs you are applying to. Applying to a few great opportunities will give you better odds, rather than applying to a handful of jobs without much direction or interest. This will allow you to better focus on your attention to each position, your effort, more time spent on great cover letters and follow-ups – etc.  Click here for additional ways to organize your job search!