man being offered a job

Congratulations! After a rigorous job search, rounds of applications, and attending interviews, you’ve been offered a job! You’ve decided to commit and accept the offer, but how should you react? Of course, you want to start the job on the right foot. So look no further for advice, because we’ve got you covered. Check out 4 steps to accepting a job offer below!

Don’t Delay

Though you should take some time to consider this big decision, don’t sit on it for too long! Sometimes there is a deadline specified by the recruiter or employer, but what happens when there isn’t? You should always ask, but typically deadlines are a week or even less if they are in dire need for you to start. So if it isn’t specified, you should really take no more than 3 days to respond, unless told differently. If you were to say no, they’d need to start searching for another quality candidate and it’s respectful to tell them in a timely manner. As soon as you come to your decision, you should let them know.

Say Thank You

Though you have already thanked them for the interview and been in contact throughout the hiring process, it’s important to thank them again. Let them know that you’re excited about the opportunity! This makes you look proactive and passionate about becoming a part of their team. It also shows that you really value their offer. If you’re respectful and friendly, you’re off to a great start before even starting the position!

Sign the Offer Letter

In most cases, first, you’ll get a phone call or email offering you the position. Before you put in your two weeks at your current job or make any drastic moves, be sure to wait for the confirmation and offer letter! Always make sure you have the necessary details and concrete offer before proceeding. Unfortunately, sometimes things may change.

Know the Details

It’s important to know all of the information about the position before starting and be sure to ask questions for clarification. You want to start with a clear mind and in total control of what you’re doing. You can do this by asking for the employee handbook and reading it over. This way you can learn how the organization functions, their policies, and procedures. Once you accept the offer, you should also know the start date and time, hours, payday, salary, and benefits. This is also important to know before accepting the offer when it comes to salary and benefits!

Now that you know the proper steps to take when accepting a job offer, you’ll surely be on the right foot the moment you walk through the office door on your first day! SUCCESS!