woman listening to music at work

Listening to music while completing tasks at work can actually boost productivity! Its effect on productivity does depend on the situation and type of music. For more depth on why you should be listening to music at work, read this article from the Huffpost. If you’re the type of person who needs background noise to get work done, take a look below at 4 types of music that you should be listening to at work!

Classical Music

Classical Music is known to maintain focus and increase productivity. Eight radiologists at the University of Maryland were asked to listen to Baroque-period pieces. All but one reported better moods and increased productivity. Another study from BMS College of Engineering in Malaysia say a reduction in stress and increased relaxation by listening to classical. Classical Music is played in a major scale, typically the same tempo, and doesn’t contain distracting lyrics or sounds. Words have a tendency to shift focus from work. If you need to lower stress, this is the type of music you should be listening to!

Take a listen here:

Ambient Soundtracks

Ambient tracks keep the brain engaged and calm. These are typically a chilled or downtempo version of electronic. This type of music is great to listen to while brainstorming or creating; sparking inspiration. If you’re a graphic designer or artist, check out this playlist below the next time you need something to listen to at work!

Take a listen here:

Songs You Enjoy

Making a playlist of songs that you enjoy can also be effective! Listening to songs that you like will be able to boost your mood and lower negativity and stress. A study in a music therapy program at the University of Miami found that personal choice in music is important when it comes to choosing music to play at work. Participants in the study who listened to their favorite songs completed their tasks more quickly and had more successful brainstorming sessions.

Make a list of your favorite songs using music platforms like iTunes or Spotify!

White Noise

If music is too distracting, but your office is also too noisy to concentrate, try listening to some white noise playlists! These are tracks that contain many frequencies of sound with equal intensities. A recent study showed that creative employees were more inclined to focus on tasks and spark creativity with white noise. This is also used for people who have trouble sleeping in silence!

Take a listen here:

Listening to music or noise isn’t for everyone, but if you need something to block out a noisy office or help you concentrate, try a few of these playlists we have provided to fit your needs!