We receive a number of resumes from applicants with web development, graphic design, and many other technical backgrounds. Eagerly seeking opportunities, they are confident in their work, and on occasion, proudly display the URL of their portfolio within the header of their highly stylized, impressively formatted resume. We love and appreciate this.

Applicants may often wonder if we visit the URLs they provide. The answer is: yes!
We look at every website, blog, online portfolio, and anything/everything else included within the resume. It’s actually one of my favorite stages in reviewing a technical resume, as I “get to know” the applicant through his or her work in addition to the summary typed out on a piece of paper. I certainly learn a thing or two in the process; there’s amazing talent in the Capital Region, and I’m almost always impressed by the URLs applicants provide to showcase their work. It’s a gutsy move, one that can make or break a good first impression right off the bat, but it’s always admired.

I’m a firm believer in proving, showing, doing. We can write and/or talk about what our talents are, but demonstrating these talents is an important key to succeeding. Tips for it/tech and design applicants who are beefing up their resume with a URL linking to their fabulous work should keep the following in mind:

whatever your specialization, show it off. Java junkie? Let’s see it.
only give your very best. You must believe in work you’re putting forth before submitting it in hopes that someone else will believe in it, so make sure to showcase the most professional, highest quality projects that you were passionate about creating.
avoid easily-to-fix mistakes. When we check out your online portfolio, we want to enjoy a smooth ride with very few to no bumps. Give your portfolio a test-run, ensuring that no links are broken and all graphics are viewable (red X’s can really kill the mood!)
feel proud. You’re putting yourself and your work out there, and that in itself is something to pat yourself on the back for. The right company will eventually see the work, and you will land the perfect position.