holiday office

The holidays are a time where employees take time off. If you’re working on a holiday or during the week of a holiday it can seem stressful. Fewer people equals more work and more chaos. However, there are a lot of positives that come with it. Read more to find out the perks of working during the holidays, below!

1. Enjoy Your Surroundings

There is no greater time to focus, tackle your workload or get ahead when your office is quiet. Generally in the corporate world, the office is the most “low key” during the holidays. Because so many people take time off, you’re more likely receive fewer phone calls, fewer emails, and less added work than you may have anticipated. But if that’s not the case, try to embrace that at least your surroundings are nowhere near as busy as usual. Quieter surroundings will allow you to concentrate more effectively if your workload does increase.

2. Get a Head Start on the New Year

Despite not spending your holidays with your family, you’re allowing yourself the opportunity to get ahead at work. Unlike the people who take time off, you won’t be coming back to work behind on your tasks. You’ll have a chance to tackle everything that needs to get done and you may even be able to begin new projects you may not have had time for on a regular workday. So view this as “bonus work time”, and a great way to reduce stress in the future.

3. You Become the Go-To

There is nothing better than getting one-on-one time with your manager or boss. Staying after hours, or coming in during the holidays is a great way to show you’re dedicated to what you do. It also allows you to be the contact person. If an issue arises or something needs to be taken care of and you are there to help, you instantly become recognized and seen as someone of value. So being one of the few in the office can actually be extremely beneficial to your career.

4. More Holidays Equals More Money

One of the more evident yet not talked about perks is the money. Not only are you making money on a day you’d have off, but sometimes employers will pay overtime or even double-time! Not to mention the holidays are typically where spending can be at an all-time high. So this can also give you the opportunity to earn back some of what you spent!

5. Personal Fulfilment

Aside from all else, working on the holidays can bring personal fulfillment. Whether it’s helping out your co-workers, your boss, the clients- you name it- it feels good to do things for other people. It can be appreciated more than you’d expect for you to cover for colleagues and positively impact you as well!