happy coworkers in a meeting

Whether you’re a candidate or hiring manager, this article can provide you with helpful information. As a candidate, take note of what traits hiring managers are seeking and vice versa. The more positive qualities you have, the more likely you will be hired. The more qualities a candidate has, the more likely you will be satisfied with their work as an employee. So, what are those qualities that make a good employee? Find out by reading on!

Strong work ethic

A strong work ethic is a powerful quality to have and hiring managers are seeking that type of trait in their candidates. A hiring manager can gain a lot of insight from your resume alone to find out if you have a strong work ethic. This can be expressed through juggling multiple assignments at a job, no breaks between jobs, and project results. Once on the job, show your supervisor your projects and their results. Show them that you are working hard and effectively. Always set goals for yourself and get them done on a deadline. A supervisor will certainly take notice that you’re passionate and serious about your job.


Being dependable can go a long way! Employers want employees who they can depend on to get the job done. Always follow through and never say no to taking on a task. Of course, there are exceptions to saying no, but try not to. Helping a coworker out on a project only proves you’re more reliable and hopefully they will return the favor when you need an extra hand. Always prove that you are committed and on top of completing your tasks by deadline. A great way to stay on top of deadlines is by creating a calendar and to-do list with alerts.


Employers want candidates who are self-motivated. Hiring managers are looking for individuals who can take initiative and get work done with little leading and encouragement. A boss having to always follow-up with an employee to make sure their work is done is ultimately just extra unneeded work and stress for them. Of course, there is encouragement where it is due, but it is your job to get your work done on a day to day basis.

Effective Communicator

Good communication is so important in the workplace. So many things can go wrong when a message is unclear or missed. You could end up wasting your time and others’, you may complete an assignment wrong, and beyond. A hiring manager can get a good sense of an effective communicator during the job application process based on timeliness and written/verbal communication.

Team Player

Just like being reliable, being a team player stands out in a positive way. Even if you are working independently within a company, there is always going to be some form of teamwork and engagement. Even walking around the office with a positive attitude is a form of good teamwork. A bad mood could have a ripple effect.

Finding the right employee with the strongest qualities can help boost productivity, increase revenue, and customer satisfaction. The positive benefits are endless!