woman getting a job offer

Getting a job offer is exciting and you may want to jump to accept immediately! But, it’s important to look at the fine print and details before signing a job offer. There are important questions that you should always ask or know the answer to before deciding if it’s the right decision. A new job or opportunity is a big life-change and it’s important to think and prepare beforehand.

Ask About Benefits

Salary is important, but so are your benefits. The benefits package should be correlated with your salary. You never want to be paying a lot for things that aren’t covered, while getting low pay; and vice versa. Obviously, you want the most excellent health care coverage! If you have a family or plan on having one, this is even more of a stressed question. Benefits and health care can be a complex topic, so make sure you fully understand the benefits package being offered. It’s okay to ask questions!

Ask About Work-Life Balance

Some people enjoy spending most of their time working, but others like having a work-life balance. If you’re one of those people looking for flexibility, it’s important to ask about vacation time, sick days, breaks, and shifts. If a company doesn’t match up to the flexibility you’re seeking to achieve the work-life balance that works for you, maybe it’s not the best fit. Avoid the stress and constraint by asking. You never want to be put in a position where you don’t enjoy coming into work every day. If you see yourself having kids in the near future, you should also ask about parental leave.

Ask About Internal Growth

Sitting in one place in your career can easily grow tiresome. If your career goals include climbing up a corporate ladder, you’ll need to know if there is an opportunity for internal growth. Most larger corporations or companies have these opportunities, but smaller startups and companies don’t. These smaller companies can be great stepping stones, but just know that if you want your career to grow, you may not be there for long. It’s important to get a feel of your opportunities before going in so you can define your career goals and objectives.

Ask About Evaluations

In order to grow as a professional, evaluations are a great tool to measure success and goals. If you like to see how your work is benefiting a company or are looking for results, it’s a good idea to bring up the question of performance evaluations. Ask the employer how they measure and track their employee’s success or how often they provide employee evaluations. This gives you a feel of how the company matches up with your wants and needs. Never settle for less!

Ask for Everything in Writing

As a precaution, it’s ideal to have everything in writing. A job offer and agreement should always be in writing for you and your employer to look back at for reference. This also allows for no error and having the employer or employee pull back on the offer. A written agreement is binding and this way everything agreed upon is there as evidence. If they don’t give you anything in writing, it could be a red flag so proceed with caution. Or it could create a problem down the road. Never accept without a written agreement.

There is plenty that should be considered before accepting a job offer. There are questions you should sit down and ask the employer AND yourself. We hope these 5 questions help you decide if the job is right for you and gets your mind running with other important questions you see relevant!