Being an intern can be a GREAT opportunity to not only learn but to get the experience you need in a specific company or field. However, you want to make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into and that you aren’t just the – “errand runner and do everything that no one else wants to do” – type of intern. To cover your bases, here are five things that you can ask when you are interviewing for an intern position.

1. What Is Expected of You/What Roles Will You Have?

When applying for an intern position you want to make sure that communication is open. If your idea of an intern and what the duties entail are different than the duties that are expected of you, that can pose some friction. If the job description isn’t extremely thorough, this is something you can ask during the interview. Jot these down in a notebook, so you can review them later and see how you feel!

2. Do Interns Transition into Part-Time/Full-Time Employees?

A lot of interns HOPE they will be getting a job after their intern position, however, the employer could have no intention of hiring or creating a position for them. You could be working for months on end expecting to be offered a job that will never come! So don’t be afraid to ask this!

3. Has Your Company Ever Hired an Intern Before?

You could know more than the employer on what duties are expected from an intern position if they have never had one. They may not be knowledgeable yet on the responsibilities of an intern or what it really entails. So asking this opens the dialogue and the employer may want to work together with you to come up with job/duties together!

4. What Kind of Support Would I Be Provided With?

If you don’t know what sources you have access to, it’s hard to know what to utilize! So make sure to find out what type of support is provided. That way, if you need some guidance/advice/etc, you can easily access those resources and make YOUR job easier!

5. What team will I be working alongside/with and what was that experience like with interns in the past?

It’s nice to know how the other employees have felt about the intern role in their company (if they have had one). Have they had negative experiences? Was it with a specific intern, or does it seem they have had trouble with all of their interns? That’s something that will be helpful to you – going into the job and knowing if the rest of the team you are working with, will work well with you!

 Something Else to Consider:

If you’re STILL unsure about the position, reach out to former interns at the company and see how THEY felt. If you don’t know any personally, try reaching out to them on Linkedin. Linkedin is a great tool when it comes to networking with others. Try to talk to more than one so you can get a different range of opinions and see if this helps you! Normally if they had a great experience, you can be positive that you will too!