guy on a remote interview

Remote interviews have been on the rise with the increase of technology usage. Job-seekers now have the liberty to interview with hiring managers and companies without having to physically be there. Unfortunately, not all companies will do this, but most will. This is great when you’re applying for opportunities in other states and can’t travel there. Check out 5 tips to prepare yourself for a remote job interview below.


Just as any other job interview, preparation is important! There are a few additional preparations you should be making prior to a remote job interview. Of course, you should do your research regarding the company and position. Be sure the video conference program you’re using is up and working. Download the software and make an account days ahead of time. It’s even a great idea to do a test call with a friend to be sure that your camera and sound are all working properly. This saves time when it comes time to be interviewed and makes for a lesser chance of a malfunction.

Dress Appropriately.

Even if the interview is via video conference, make sure that you’re dressed for the office environment. Some people believe that since it’s a video conference, they only need to have proper dress on the upper half of their body in view. Never chance that! Wear the appropriate pants you’d wear to the job interview if it were in person. Ditch the sweatpants! Some companies even casually ask the candidate to go grab something away from the camera view to see if they’ve actually dressed appropriately. Beware! In addition to proper dress, always sit up straight and intently. Exude confidence!

Clean Up.

Wherever you decide to do the interview, be sure that the space is clean and organized. It is also important to pick a place with no distraction and noise. If the hiring manager sees your bedroom, living room, kitchen, wherever you may be doing the interview, is a mess, they may not hire you! This shows poorly on your organization skills and if you’d make a good fit for their company. The more professional looking the space, the better! The interviewer shouldn’t be distracted by the background.

Have a Pen and Paper Accessible.

Just as you would during an in-person job interview, have a pen and paper accessible. It’s also a great idea to have your resume on hand to reference. Take notes on important elements mentioned by the interviewer and any answers to questions you ask them. Having this accessible prior to the start of the interview is important. It’s awkward to have to get up and stop an interview to realize you need to go grab a pen and paper. It also shows the interviewer that you weren’t prepared.

Ask Questions.

As you research, you’ll probably still have a lot of questions that you want to ask. Prepare a list of questions to ask the employer. One of the pros of a remote interview is being able to have a cheat sheet to remind you of key points and questions you’d like to address. Be sure you use it cautiously though, don’t make it obvious that you’re looking down.

We hope this advice helps you when it comes the time for a remote interview! Happy job hunting!