“An aging global workforce, changes in the economy, and widespread downsizing can all force workers over 40 back into the job hunt.” says The Balance Careers. Whether you are looking to make changes in your career or are looking for growth – there are ways to make your job search easier. Starting with how to age-proof your resume. Find out below!

Remove Irrelevant Dates

Leave dates off your resume that date past the 20-year mark – including the years you graduated from high school, college, etc. Doing so will allow you to express your experience, without aging yourself. If you have experience that dates past the 20-year mark but would improve your chances of being considered for a position, summarize that information together in a “skills”, or “expertise” section so you can list the experience without being tedious.

Emphasize Industry Specific Experience

If you have had a lot of positions throughout your career, and you have experience in many different backgrounds, companies, and industries – the person reviewing your resume may have trouble understanding where your expertise lies. Although having various experience makes you versatile, try to remove the irrelevant information when applying. If you have experience with business development, marketing, but also have I.T. experience and are applying to an I.T position, leave out the past experience that is not relevant (without creating a gap in your resume).

Show You’re Technically Savvy

Technology and social media can assist you in your job search as we know. But it can also show you’re up to date with the times. For example, you may think Linkedin is strictly for the use of creating contacts and finding opportunities – which it is! BUT if you are a seasoned employee, simply having a LinkedIn profile will show that you are relevant and familiar with technology.

Relating to technology and social media, there is a strong chance that you have some outdated contact information. Such as using your home phone number as the best way to contact you, or using a more dated email address. To continue to show you are not lacking in the technical department, change your contact number to your cellphone number, and consider creating a new updated email address (such as Gmail).

Highlight Your Achievements

If you are a seasoned candidate, you will most likely have a significant amount of experience under your belt. Recruiters and hiring managers care less about the tasks that you did on a daily basis and more about what you have accomplished throughout your career. So in addition to sharing your responsibilities, highlight your achievements. If you were a manager, how many people did you manage? What changes were you able to implement? If you were in sales, how much revenue/money were you able to bring in /save for the company? How many new accounts did you obtain? Focusing on statistics such as these – will display not only that you have the experience, but that you’ve made an impact throughout.

Acknowledge the Gap

You may have a gap in your resume due to a period of unemployment. Maybe you left the workforce to care for your parents, raise your children or something else of the sort. Great! Don’t leave those gaps unexplained. Address these lag periods on your resume with confidence and honesty.


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