At times, we all doubt if we’re in the right job. No matter the reason, it’s normal to experience some paranoia. It’s easy to wonder if you missed the opportunity to work in your dream job. However, there’s a few easy ways to know if your job is a positive and rewarding position for you to be in. Read on to find out what those 5 metrics are. These are in no order of importance, and all are equally weighed.

1. You’re Still Growing in the Position

To start, keep in mind that ‘growth’ doesn’t simply mean getting a promotion. A larger part of growth includes learning. If you’re learning new skills and experiencing new challenges you are still developing. Learning new software, programs, and systems is all great. As long as you are discovering new things and taking on new skills, the position is rewarding you.If you’re at a point where you’re no longer growing it’s time to start a new job search.

2. Your Work is Meaningful

This can have a huge impact on personal job satisfaction. If you know your work isn’t crucial to your company, it’s easy to feel unneeded. Think about what you do, and tie that into direct results. Are you blogging for the company? Those readers may be encouraged to purchase products. Find the value in your work (if it’s there) and you will feel better about what you do. If you struggle to find out your key function, you may want to discuss that with your manager or consider looking elsewhere.

3. You Don’t Mind Putting in Extra Time & Days Don’t Drag On

Bored worker eyes the clock.A rewarding job will make work feel as if it’s not a chore. Of course, sometimes we all have to complete menial tasks. However, if you don’t have any aspect of your job that is enjoyable, it may not be the right job for you. Ideally, you should be excited about your projects and want to charge into new tasks, even if that means staying some extra time. In the same vein, doing enjoyable work will make the day seem to go by quickly. If your day drags on, try to find more inspiring work.

4. You Are Paid a Livable Wage

Although this may seem to be a given, it’s not always considered. Doing work you love for no pay can only last so long. Know your own value as an employee and make sure skills are being valued. Also, internships are fantastic but only at the beginning of your career. Once you possess the skills, you should find someone who will appreciate your expertise and pay you for it.

5. You Have a Good Relationship with Coworkers

Lastly, having a negative relationship with your coworkers can dampen even the most rewarding work. If you’re underappreciated and there is a negative feeling at the office, it’s easy to lose motivation. Coworkers should work together and empower each other. If you can find yourself in this type of environment, stick around and feed off the positive energy.

Coworkers working happily together.If you’re able to check off at least 3 or 4 of these, your job is a decent fit. However, if only one or two ring true, it might be best for you to consider other options. No job is perfect and every position will have it’s quirks. However, you need to look out for yourself and make sure you are moving forward in your career. Did we miss any key indicators that you’re in the right job? If so, let us know in the comments.