Professionals learn about their field in conference.

If you want to remain competitive in your field, it’s important that you always make an effort to stay up to date on the latest trends, and continue to learn. In today’s blog, we’ll explore five great ways you can continue to acquire more knowledge in your chosen field. Continuing to learn and grow also makes you a more valuable employee, and a more attractive job candidate. So continuing to invest time in your own growth will pay off in your career as well. Find out the five ways you can invest below!

1. Learn From Others

One of the greatest resources of knowledge is actually the people that surround you. Your coworkers within your department all have unique backgrounds, and diverse skills sets. Working in a collaborative environment with those people is a great way to learn from them, and grow your own skills. However, not everyone has the opportunity to work with others in their field.

If you don’t have much contact with others in your career at your place of work, it may be more challenging. For instance, if you don’t communicate much within your department, you may have to make an effort to meet others outside of work, or during lunch. Or, you could look outside your current place of employment. Consider examining your network to see if you have any connections working in your field. Send them a quick email asking if they’d like to grab a coffee sometime and discuss topics within your industry. This is also a great opportunity to establish a mentor relationship. That way, the conversation wouldn’t just be a one-off meeting.

2. Conferences & Webinars

If you prefer learning through experiences, conferences may offer exactly what you’re looking for. You’ll probably have to shop around to find a conference that fits your interests and price range, but it’s well worth it. Being surrounded by others who also want to learn can be energizing, and you may learn a thing or two from them as well! Some conferences also offer hands-on experiences that you may not be able to get elsewhere.

If you’re unable to actually attend a conference in person, consider seeing if there are any webinars you are interested in. Companies typically offer these free of charge as a means to entice customers, clients, and users. However, they are typically very informative. Just make sure you do some research, and find one that isn’t just a straight sales pitch. If you consider joining an association relevant to your field, they typically have webinars, events, and conferences available for members. So it may be worth seeing if there are any associations or societies within your field in your area.

3.  Books & Magazines

If you favor printed media more, there are options for you as well! Almost every industry has its own dedicated magazine or set of magazines. If you subscribe to one, you can usually expect a new issue at your door every week or two. This is a great way to stay up to date on trends if you like having something physical to read. If you’re less interested in news and trends, you may want to check out a book!

There is certainly no shortage of books on the entrepreneurial spirit, but you should also be able to find one in your field as well. Prominent CEOs and thought leaders typically wind up writing memoirs on their careers, or stories about work philosophy. Finding the right book could help you understand a topic, idea, or career path that may be hugely beneficial in the future.

4. Industry Blogs

If printed media isn’t for you, or you want something more up to date and current, consider checking out a blog in your field. The blogging boom has since passed, and now there are plenty to choose from. Many companies have now launched blogs, and checking one out in your field may provide some interesting insight. Also, there are many powerhouse blogs that exist just to specialize in a certain industry. Those will probably be your best bet for well written, well researched, and current articles. There are a ton to choose from, and with most, you can subscribe to updates much like a magazine so you don’t miss out on any new content!

5. Try New Things

Sometimes the best way to learn new things is to try them yourself. If you discovered a new interesting idea or tactic from one of the above sources, consider trying to introduce it at work. Or, start looking into it at home. Learning things at your own pace without the pressure of work can be very rewarding. It’s a great way to try out new ideas and concepts without having to worry about failing. If things don’t work out, you just know it’s not for you! It can be tough to wrap your head around working on career-related growth when you’re not at work. However, doing so can make your work more enjoyable, and also help you continue to move forward in your career!

No matter your preference, there are many different ways you can continue to learn and amass more knowledge in your chosen field. It’s a great way to continually stay engaged in your profession, and it just so happens to also make you a more valuable employee. Whatever way you choose to learn and grow, it’s sure to greatly benefit your career!