girl stressed due to traffic

Commuting can add a lot of unneeded stress to our already busy lives. This stress can directly impact your interactions with other people, your mood, and even your work performance! Luckily there are a few ways to help limit your mind and body from giving in to the stress that commuting can endure.

Preparation & a Good Night’s Sleep

A little preparation the night before will go a long way! Before going to bed, get yourself ready for the next day. Just by packing your lunch, picking out your outfit, and organizing your bag, you will save yourself time and energy the following morning! In addition, aim to get a good night’s sleep and get up with a decent amount of time before heading out to work. A good sleep will rejuvenate the body and not rushing in the morning will limit onset stress.

Switch up Your Commute

Taking the same route to and from work every day can get dull, providing more opportunity for yourself to be vulnerable to stress. Try taking a different route now and then to keep the travel more interesting. By changing up the scenery, you may end up finding a new path with less traffic!

If you have the opportunity and coordinated schedules, try carpooling! This will limit both of your stress by getting to break from driving now and again. You’re also provided with someone else’s company for safe distraction. This isn’t only positive for yourself, but also for the environment! Carpooling lowers air and noise pollution!

Find an After Work Hobby

The fatigue post work can make the evening rush even more unbearable. Finding something to do after work once in a while will make the difference in your commute! Try finding things you can do nearby your office; like going to the gym, planning a weekly dinner, shopping, or seeing a movie. Doing something you enjoy will relieve stress AND you’ll miss rush hour (a stress reliever in itself!).

Enjoy the Ride

Instead of getting aggravated by a halt in traffic, try to distract yourself from stressing out. Create a commuting playlist of songs that put you in a good mood and listen to it to lift your spirits. You can even download an audio book or podcast to make up for the time that you don’t have to read.

Sitting for long amounts of time can cause not only mental stress, but physical stress too. The neck can easily get strained, but some simple stretches in your seat can make the difference! Taking deep breaths is another great way to relax your body from anxiety.

Aromatherapy can be executed in all sorts of locations, even your car! A lavender scent in particular is known for reducing anxiety and increasing focus. Both attributes are important when it comes to being alert during a lengthy commute!

If you implement these tips on your next commute, you’ll surely be having a stress-free and enjoyable ride! Safe Travels!