welcoming a new employee

Preparing for a new employee’s arrival is exciting and very important! From the moment they walk through the door, they should feel welcome, appreciated, and a part of the team. You want to make a great first impression with them and landing that first impression could lead to motivation, increased quality of work, and employee retention! Check out these 5 tips on making a new employee feel at home during their first days at the office.

Be Prepared

It is important to be prepared before the employee’s first day at the office. Ahead of time, make a schedule of tasks and training times. Keeping a new employee busy is a great start to job satisfaction. If an employee shows up with little work to do or is just thrown into a position with no direction, they won’t feel as confident or motivated. Greet them when they arrive with a welcoming smile and let them know the exciting and jam-packed agenda for the day! They’ll surely feel welcomed and like they already are a great asset to the team.

On the Job Training

Like we mentioned above, being thrown into a position with no direction is extremely stressful and difficult. Right off the bat, there is confusion, unneeded stress, and a negative lack of communication. That is not the way an employee should start a new job! Prepare some training tools that could help them learn about what they’ll be doing and how tasks should be done. Whether this is written instructions, a verbal conversation, or video tutorials, it is up to you and what you think is best suited for their position! Take the time during the training to let them ask questions. It is important that everything is clear from the start.

Introduce the Team

Another great way for a new employee to feel welcome is to introduce them to the team and other departments. Give them a tour on their first day of where everything is that they’ll need and who is located where. When introducing the team, it is important to let the employee know what each of them does and how they may be working with them on projects. Seeing familiar faces and knowing people’s names during the first week at a new job will help the employee feel more comfortable, especially when they have a question.

Tell Them What to Expect Next

Once the basic training, paperwork, and introductory tasks are complete, the next step is letting them know what comes next! Explain the day to day and give them a list of tasks ready for them to complete. Keeping them busy is extremely important. If they go in knowing what to expect, the more likely you will be satisfied with their quality of work. Open and honest communication is key!


Check in now and again to see how they are doing. Make sure they feel comfortable with their work, the environment, and the team. Sometimes people are shy about asking questions, so inviting them to ask questions by checking in is a great idea. This not only provides clarity on both of your ends but shows the employee that you care about them as a new team member.

A little preparation and a welcoming smile can go a long way. We hope you use these suggestions when a new hire starts at your company. Start on the right foot!