Woman reading a business magazine with luggage.

Although every industry moves at a different pace, it’s important to stay up to date. Some industries move very fast, and if you can’t keep up, you’ll be left behind. To help you keep in pace, we’re going to be sharing 5 ways you can easily stay current with the latest industry trends. Whether you decide to utilize all or just one is up to you, but it will help you stay a step ahead!

1. Subscribe to a Trade Magazine/Industry Blog

This is one of the most old fashioned ways to stay up to date, but it is still reliable and useful. There are still many printed magazines that focus in specific professions. Also, most of those magazines have brought themselves into the modern age, and offer digital versions included with a subscription. It’s a great way to read some interesting articles from well informed people in the profession. However, if you can’t wait for a weekly or monthly magazine, you could also search online for a blog to follow.

There are many blogs focused in specific areas that are hugely beneficial. For example, since I work in social media, I read Social Media Today. It specializes in social media marketing, and they put out new articles every day. Finding a blog that is a good fit within your field may take some time, but it is most certainly out there. Bloggers exist across all fields and interests, so if you search long enough you should be able to find something relevant to your career.

2. Follow Influencers & Experts on Social Media

It’s important to keep in mind that the aforementioned blogs and magazines all have authors who are behind them. Any of those influencers and experts may have their own accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. It may not be a bad idea to cut out the middle man and follow experts in your industry directly. That way, you receive updates more immediately. You may just be surprised who is active online! It’s worth a look to see if you can find someone to keep you in the loop with everything new in your field.

3. Go Back to School or Take Online Courses

Some things you won’t just be able to pick up over a news article or blog. For greater developments, you may want to consider pursuing further education. Thankfully it comes in all forms. You don’t necessarily need to sit in a classroom, or sign up for courses. There are many options available, and you can choose whichever best fits into your schedule. You could take some college classes, or you could take some online workshops. If you don’t have as much time to offer, there are always new webinars being hosted, and they are a quick and easy way to learn some new things.

You could even look into getting accredited in a certain area relevant to your field.  Many fields offer ways for you to get certified, licensed, etc in your profession. The best part about a new degree, or license, is that it could result in a raise! Even if you don’t see an immediate pay increase, pursing further education always increases your value to the company.

4. Set Up Google Alerts

Google Alerts are a really neat tool that not enough people know about. If you have a Gmail account set up through Google, you can subscribe to alerts about almost anything. Once you subscribe, Google will give you a notification anytime something noteworthy happens involving that topic online. You can follow companies, people, and issues. This is a great way to stay on the forefront of any news and developments. The best part is that Google delivers those updates right to your inbox, so you’re never caught off guard by anything. You can even subscribe to updates about yourself!

5. Attend a Conference

Conferences are one of the most popular ways to keep up to date on what new things are going on within an industry all while have a rewarding and interactive experience. Although they can sometimes be costly, it’s a great way to learn and be surrounded by others in your field. In addition to learning and developing new ideas, conferences are also a great opportunity to grow your network. Whether you attend a one day or a multi-day conference, you’ll likely get something out of it. New ideas, new tactics, news, and newfound inspiration are all typical. If you’re interested in attending a conference, do a quick online search. You may be surprised how many are going on around you!

No matter the industry you work in, it’s always a good idea to stay up to date on the latest industry trends and news. Even if automation isn’t a threat to your field, it’s always possible to become outdated and irrelevant if you don’t stay on the cutting edge. These 5 tactics will help you keep your knowledge fresh, and ensure that you don’t fall behind others working in your field!