This week, for our Monday post, we’ll be doing something a little different. Many job advice blogs have lists of ‘dream jobs’ and amazing companies to work for. However, there are also some terrible jobs out there, specifically in the realm of board games. We hope a brief look into the lives of these fictional occupations gives you hope about your real life position. Without further adieu, the 5 Worst Jobs in Board Games.

Doctor – Operation

Being a surgeon is an incredibly nerve-wracking job where your patients lives are literally in your hands. Imagine, you’re doing a last minute surgery on a man’s broken heart. You accidentally touch his skin with your scalpel and BUZZ! The process of fixing a man that has swallowed butterflies, a breadbasket, and has an ice cream cone in his brain is already hard enough. The last thing you need is a terrifying buzz.

Corrections Officer – Monopoly

The board game monopoly with the Scottish terrier piece.Corrections Officers put their lives on the line every day. In the town of Monopoly however, they’ve probably installed a revolving door in their prison cells. The justice system is completely flawed, and criminals walk out of jail by simply presenting a card. Also, the noise of inmates constantly rolling for doubles keeps you from concentrating on getting any work done on the late shift. These white collar criminals are not only allowed to walk out of prison, but also rewarded by a hefty $200 simply for walking around the block. Working in corrections in Monopoly is a thankless job in a flawed system.

Pawn – Chess

Understandably sometimes you have a boss who micromanages you, and you just feel like a pawn in their quest for more fame, recognition, and money. What if that was even closer to your reality? In one of the world’s oldest games, the pawn exists simply to put their lives down in order to protect their more agile and important brothers and sisters. This occupation gives true meaning to the saying ‘dead end job’.

Butler – Clue

A butler holding a silver dish with a hot meal.Being a butler in a beautiful mansion certainly has its perks. The beautiful interiors and lavish lifestyle are an easy attractant. However, that all falls away since all your guests seemingly never make it to the end of their vacation. This makes it tough to gather tips, and you never know who to call master of the house. It’s enough to drive a butler mad.

A Regular Person – The Game of Life

Finally, imagine if all the important decisions you made in your life were simply left up to chance, with no opportunity for you to influence them. Your level of education, your job, your income, your kids, your retirement, all of it left up to chance. It’s enough to reassure most workers that having a say in what you do is an incredible opportunity. Make sure you go out and do something you want, and know your own value as a professional. We hope you enjoyed this unique Monday post! Also, did we miss any miserable board game positions? Let us know in the comments.