Graduates taking a selfie with each other.

Congratulations, you did it! Graduating from college is no small task, and you should certainly be proud. Now, you and all of your fellow graduates should start thinking about employment. Finding a job after graduation is no small task. There are many things to take into consideration, and usually the ‘first movers’ are the ones who are gainfully employed shortly after graduation. Waiting too long to start looking could hurt your job search. Thankfully, there is a wide variety of advice out there for recent graduates looking for a job. However, some crucial steps often get overlooked, despite their importance. Today, our blog focuses on a few steps you shouldn’t overlook in your job search.

1. Clean Up Your Social Media

Now more than ever, companies do vigilant research on their potential hires, and that includes social media. While you may want jump on on the job boards right away, it’s smart to clean up your social media first. If you have some Friday night evidence online, it’s probably best if you keep those photos private. If you’re curious what specifically on social media discourages hiring managers, we wrote a previous blog on those factors here.

2. Create (Or Update) Your LinkedIn Profile

Using LinkedIn is becoming more commonplace, but there is still a big percentage of people who aren’t on the world’s largest professional network. If you’re not using it, you should! LinkedIn is all about building connections, and your fellow graduates are a great place to start. In a few years, you never know if they will be working for a company that is looking to hire someone like you. Creating a LinkedIn profile is a great place to get your name out there, and begin to establish your professional presence online.

3. Set Up Your Voicemail

Maybe everything is going well in your job search. You’ve applied online to a few positions that seem like they would be a good fit for you. The hiring managers are interested, but when they call, you miss it, and they’re greeted by a mailbox that hasn’t been set up. No company is going to text you the details over the phone. Also, having a call go to a mailbox that isn’t set up makes you look bad. Make sure you set up your voicemail so hiring managers can get in touch with you even if you miss the call.

4. Reach Out to Your Network

Sometimes the greatest resource to your job search is the people you already know. Connections play a huge role in filling positions, despite all the new job search/hiring technology. At the end of the day, the hiring decision is made by a person, not a machine. If you know someone who knows that person, there’s a good chance you can get in the running. Reach out to your friends, family, and college alumni to discuss opportunities. You never know who they know!

5. Purchase Interview Attire

It’s an awkward situation to be in- you just scheduled an interview, and realized you don’t have any clothes to wear! While you may not be in the best financial situation after graduating, interview attire is a must buy. Not being properly dressed for an interview can send the wrong message to an interviewer. While it may be tough to shell out the cash now, you won’t regret it when you receive your first paycheck after landing the job!

6. Reach Out to a Local Recruiter

Although this step is a bit more self-promotional, that doesn’t make it any less useful! Recruiters can be a great resource to anyone looking for a job. While you shouldn’t rely entirely on a recruiter, they’re a great way to augment your job search. After you send in your resume to a recruiter, they keep it on file until they find a position that may be right for you. At that point, they will reach out to see if you are interested. Best of all, they are typically free, since they work for the hiring companies, not the candidates. If you’re curious about what Walrath Recruiting specifically has to offer, feel free to check out our page for job seekers!

Starting a job search right after college can quite a challenge. It’s a big transition in lifestyle, and although you’ve graduated, the work is far from over. It’s important not to lose that work ethic that helped you through graduation, as you’ll need it to help you land a job. If you’re wondering how to schedule out your job search over the week, there’s a post for that! We hope you find some of these steps useful, especially if you hadn’t thought of them! If you have any other advice or thoughts, feel free to share them below and we’d be happy to respond!