When you’re currently employed, it’s easy to wonder if you’re missing out on other job opportunities, or if you are in the right job. So we’ve compiled 6 points to help you. If you relate to most of them below, know you’re right where you should be.

You Continue to Grow

If you’re being challenged frequently and are learning new skills, you are not only developing and gaining value from your role but you’re also providing value as an employee. Working on new projects and learning new tasks keeps you challenged. Progress is linked to satisfaction and the sense of a rewarding job. So if you’re still being challenged, that’s a great start.

You Enjoy Your Workload

Your daily tasks are enjoyable, and you feel accomplished when they’re finished. You don’t necessarily have to enjoy everything you do at work, but if you look at your daily tasks and you enjoy *most* of them – you know you’re on the right path.

You Go Above and Beyond

You don’t have to constantly be the last one to stay late and the first one to arrive. Or be the sole employee to take on extra work, but if there is a project or task that requires you to go above and beyond, and you find yourself wanting to do that more often than not – this is a telling sign. If you weren’t in the right position, you would more than likely not volunteer to take on extra work – and be happy to do so.

You Make a Reasonable (and Livable) Income

Doing work that you love for no pay can only last so long (unless of course, it’s volunteer work, a hobby or one of many jobs you are juggling). Knowing the value that you bring to a company and being rewarded for it – and feeling reasonably if not generously compensated for that – increases your chance of loving what you do.

You Enjoy Working with Your Coworkers

Having positive relationships with your coworkers can significantly improve your day to day attitude and productivity. Working together with your colleagues is something you enjoy, and some coworkers may have even become close friends because of it. It’s a positive environment and they improve your job satisfaction – which makes your job more enjoyable.

You’re Appreciated

One of the last ways to tell if you’re in the right job is when you feel that your work is appreciated. You are valued not only as an employee but as a person. In addition to feeling appreciated, receiving recognition from your boss and/or your coworkers – even just verbal recognition – increases your chances of you enjoying your job. Appreciation and recognition go a long way – large or small.


How do you determine whether or not you’re in the right job? Comment below!