New Year's Resolutions.

Happy New Year! 2017 is finally upon us, and it’s the time of  year when many people around the world make resolutions for the New Year. In today’s blog we’ve come up with 7 resolutions that will benefit your career, and make you a better employee.

1. Learn a New Skill

This is the one action that will benefit you into the foreseeable future. Learning a new relevant skill in your job will always pay off eventually. Take a course, read a book, or learn by trying. Learning a skill or becoming proficient in some type of software is an actionable step in your career. You can list it on your resume, and also put it to practice in your job if it makes sense. Now is the time to teach yourself about something you’ve always wondered about.

2. Do a Career Review

You may already have a ‘career review’ planned, but if you don’t, now is a great time to start! If you’re not familiar, the basis behind a career review is to determine where you are along your career path. Think about the job you are in now. Where does it stand along the path of where you want to be? If you don’t see it leading you anywhere or giving you important experience, it may be time to start a job search and move on.

3. Plan Some Vacation Time

It’s also the time of year where you likely have your PTO/Vacation days restocked. Whether they’re all deposited at once, or accrue overtime, start to plan some time off for yourself. Nobody works well without breaks, and it’s important to have some time off for yourself. This will be something you can look forward to, and will provide a much needed recharge when it arrives. Also, if you’re going to travel it’s better to plan ahead!

4. Do Something Not in Your Job Description

This is especially a great resolution for anyone who has been in their job for awhile. If you’ve been going through the same tasks daily, weekly, and monthly, your job can start to feel stale. In an effort to refresh that feeling, look for opportunities for you to do more than what is expected. While you may think it would stress you out to have another task on your plate, you may end up finding it extremely rewarding, and the extra effort won’t commonly go unnoticed.

5. Update Your Professional Social Media

It’s easy to forget about your professional social media profiles once you’re hired. However, it’s best to keep them up to date. Make sure you’ve updated your dates of employment, as well as adding any skills or certifications you’ve acquired.

6. Grow Your Network

Working a full time 9 to 5 job usually means it’s challenging to meet new people. You wind up spending the most time with coworkers, family, and longtime friends. However, it is beneficial to continue to expand your network. If there is a coworker you’d like to get to know more, or an old classmate you want to reconnect with, make the time. Getting to know someone could mean a work opportunity down the road, or a new friend. Keep your network fresh to meet people that will offer you different perspectives in life.

7. Attend/Arrange a Social Work Event

If you spend 40+ hours a week with your coworkers, you may question why you should push that number. The big difference is those 40 hours are usually filled with work interactions and ‘shop talk’. Having time to actually interact outside of your job capacity is good for everyone on the team. Consider suggesting a social event to a superior, or attend one that has already been planned. You’d be surprised how it will positively impact your feeling at work.

Whether or not you fulfill the resolutions on this list, everyone at Walrath Recruiting wishes you success in the New Year! Start making positive changes in your job and career now and you will be destined for advancement in the future.