Working in recruiting, we see many interviews in just one day. Seeing so many candidates come and go gives us a great idea of what to do and what NOT to do in an interview. Overtime, we’ve noticed that most bad interviews follow similar patterns. We’ve narrowed it down to the 7 monsters bad candidates become during interviews. Read on to make sure you don’t turn in to one of these interview monsters when you sit to chat with a potential employer.

1. Ghost – We all know a ghost. This is the friend you invite to a party and never shows up, leaving you to wonder if they actually exist. When we have candidates who don’t show up to interviews and/or keeps rescheduling, it makes a bad impression. This conveys to the interviewer that you aren’t interested in the position, and that it’s not worth your time to set aside time to sit down.

2. Vampire – There are also vampires that show up to interviews. Instead of a taste for blood however, they salivate over salary. It’s easy to tell what candidates are solely interested in the salary they would be paid if hired. Focusing too much on money tells an interviewer you may move on to your next ‘victim’ quickly. These vampires hop on whatever gives them a pay raise, no matter how much it might drain the company’s resources. Interviewers want a candidate who is interested in the work, not just the money.

3. Zombie – In an interview, zombies are lifeless, boring, and unsociable. Whether it’s because they didn’t get enough sleep before the interview, or because they’re craving brains, it’s extremely off-putting to any interviewer. When you are going into an interview, try to be the best version of yourself. You want to stand out, not blend in.

4. Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde –  This interviewee has a personality problem, they’re living two lives! Their resume doesn’t accurately portray who they are. These candidates lie on their resume to appear to be a better or more qualified candidate. However, just like Dr. Jekyll, they can’t ‘Hyde’ their true nature. Interviewers check references exhaustively, and you will get found out. Don’t try to balance more than one identity in an interview, one is challenging enough!

5. Mummy – Mummies have a tough time enunciating in an interview. Many times they mumble unintelligibly, making it hard for the interviewer to understand their answers. They also have trouble speaking up for themselves. Go into your interview confident, and believe in yourself. If you aren’t confident in the interview, it will be noticed. Why would you hire someone who doesn’t believe in his or her own abilities? You wouldn’t.

6. Clown – The clown’s biggest problem is that they don’t take the interview seriously. They also may show up in inappropriate clothes that don’t fit the situation. Make sure you always dress professionally, and take the interview seriously. While it’s okay to be funny, there’s no excuse for showing disinterest.

7. Skeleton – The skeleton’s biggest problem is being able to answer questions. They’ve obviously memorized a cookie cutter answer, since there’s no meat to their responses. However, any good interviewer will see right through the skeleton. While it’s tempting to memorize answer, go off script and be genuine.

We hope enjoyed our breakdown of 7 Interview Monsters. If any of these sound like you, check out our blogs on storytelling and dressing correctly for interviews. Also, best of luck with your job search in the future!