No matter how much you enjoy your job, there are still times that it can feel mundane. There are periods throughout the day when the office can become stifling and a small change up is needed. So, we’re giving you 7 tips on how to spice up your day at work that you can implement right now, below!

1. Get moving

Not everyone has time to squeeze in a workout during their lunch break, but simple exercise techniques throughout the day can create some noticeable energy. You can do stretches at your desk, take phone calls standing up, trade your office chair in for a stability ball, or take a short walk during lunch. But getting your heart rate up will boost your energy and your mood.

2. Bring the fun

Right when you get to work in the morning, send out a funny quote or joke of the day in an email to everyone, or a few close co-workers to share a laugh. Or print one out and hang it up on the wall for people to read as they walk to the printer or the bathroom. You can even do a joke of the week to keep it fun! Remembering to keep it light and enjoyable will increase your mindset and your mood.

3. Change up your morning routine

You know those popular articles and blogs such as “things successful people do to start their workday” that are frequently shared, everywhere? They’re constantly being shared because they WORK. Though most people aren’t quick to rework their morning routine completely, making some adjustments could lead to improved productivity. Try creating a daily to-do list for your day, tackle the leftover to-dos from the previous day, and/or return phone calls to those who’ve left messages in your voice mail overnight right when you get into work.

Tackling these tasks first thing in the morning will surprisingly increase the productivity for your day. We are most productive in the morning, AND you’ll get those annoying tasks done so they’re not hanging over your head.

4. Focus on the food

If you’re someone who always eats breakfast before work, or you don’t make time for breakfast at all – take a day to stop and treat yourself to once a week. Whether it be something to brighten up your Monday or something to look forward to mid-week on a Wednesday. This will give you something to get excited about! You can also take a lunchtime coffee to-go or pick up lunch at a restaurant you’ve never tried before!

Another thing you can do to change up your day is to or create an updated playlist with different music for different moods! Make a fun playlist, an energetic playlist, a nostalgic playlist, etc. But adding variety to your daily routine can help keep things exciting. Best of all, these options are simple to add in today!

5. Reorder Your Day

Sometimes the exact same routine day in and day out contributes to the repetition of your day. Try rearranging your tasks/projects to do them at different times than normal throughout the rest of your day. Even just reordering one or two can revamp your schedule.

6. Spruce up your space

Whether you have decorated your space or it’s completely bare – changing it up will add some excitement and increase productivity. If you have already decorated your space – consider switching some things out – or even rearranging your current materials for some better Feng Shui. If you haven’t decorated at all – this is the perfect opportunity to print some pictures, and add some plants and bright accessories to increase the energy. Reorganizing/sprucing your space has a bigger impact than you think!

7. Get outside

If it’s mid-afternoon and you’re feeling restless, opt for a quick 3-minute walk outside your building – and find some stairs! If you don’t have the opportunity to take a few short breaks throughout the day – show up to work early and go for a quick walk or take your lunch break outside and do some walking then. A change of scenery, especially in the fresh air – will brighten your mood.

Adding small changes to your workday can drastically improve concentration and overall productivity.   Which one are you going to put into action today?