office relationships

Trust in the workplace plays a HUGE factor in office productivity. When employees feel that they can trust their peers, their sense of positivity and efficiency increases. We’ve listed 8 ways trust can be lost, earned and built. Some of these tips may be things you don’t even realize you’re doing. Check them out below!

1. Avoid Accusations

No matter the errors that occur at work, avoid placing blame on another coworker. When you place blame in an accusatory way, it creates animosity and distrust, not only with the person you are blaming but the person you are blaming to. Remember you are all one team, working towards the same goal. Instead, try to figure out a solution to the problem. You would rather be known as the problem solver than the problem starter.

2. Honesty Goes a Long Way

Trust isn’t about doing everything right. It’s also doing things wrong, but admitting to them. If you make mistakes at work, be honest. You’re better off admitting when you make an error or don’t know how to do something and saying so – than the latter. Open yourself up for constructive criticism and allow yourself to make mistakes. People will trust and respect you when you’re open and honest.

3. Be Transparent

The best way to gain and build trust in the workplace is by being transparent. Whether you’re having a stressful day or are behind with your workload, you are better off SHARING those things with your coworkers. You don’t have to share every nitty gritty detail, but when you’re transparent you create a level of understanding and trust.They will know WHY you are feeling the way you are and it even gives them the opportunity to give advice or offer a solution.

4. Lift Them Up

Sometimes all we need in the office is a little confidence boost from our colleagues. When we are lifted up by the people around us, it creates a different level of trust and belonging. When a coworker goes out of their way to compliment YOU, you surprisingly will feel a deeper connection to them. Try lifting someone up at work today and see how positive it makes you feel.

5. Listen With Intent

No one likes to share things with someone only to realize they weren’t truly listening in the first place. If you’re unaware if this is something you do or not, the next time someone shares something with you, be intentional about listening. Don’t worry about what you are going to say next, or try to multitask while you listen, but give your full attention. People gravitate towards others who make them feel like they’re heard.

6. Watch How You React

When you have employees or coworkers express an idea, or provide their opinion – watch your reaction. If you are returning their expression by laughing or poking fun, they won’t feel safe and respected and in turn, won’t trust you. If an idea or opinion is shared and you don’t necessarily agree with it, offer an alternative instead and thank them for their contribution.

7. Avoid Gossip

Office gossip is one of the easiest ways to derail your trust. Regardless of how accurate or true the things you want to say may be, avoid negatively talking about others in the workplace. When you gossip you lose trust with the people you are gossiping to. So if you have something negative to say about someone else in the office, share it with someone outside of the company.

8. Team-Building Activities

When you’re only communicating with your coworkers via emails or sending work back and forth, you only get to know them on a surface level. Your coworkers are people you spend most of your days with and are people you should make an effort to get to know better. To increase your relationships, attend some team-building activities. The activities can take place inside or outside of the office, but making time for these activities can be just what you need to create the company culture and relationships you are looking for. Not to mention really improve productivity among the company.