With a full-time job – weekends are something you look forward to. Time to rest, explore and time off from the work week. Which can sometimes create stress when Sunday rolls around – knowing the weekend of fun is ending and the work week is upon you. But it doesn’t have to be stressful. Check out how to bet the “Sunday scaries”, below!

Jam-Pack the Weekend

Sometimes all you need is to make plans for the weekend to take up your time with all the things you are looking forward to doing! The more fun activities/events you have planned– the more content and fulfilled you feel. And when you feel fulfilled, you become more content knowing you had an efficient and productive weekend.

Make Sunday Plans, too

If you’re someone who overthinks when they’re “relaxing”, you may want to fill up your Sunday with plans as well. Doing so will have your weekend feeling extended and increase your mood and enjoyment.

Be Consistent with Your Bedtime

One of the main reasons Monday can be so tough is because we forget that our body clock adjusts to our weekend. Then instead of factoring in getting enough sleep, we end up not being tired enough by the time that Sunday night rolls around. If you notice you’re oversleeping on the weekends – try to limit your sleep time to a normal and reasonable amount. This will help you feel well rested and ready for Monday.

Spread out your Weekend Chores

Sunday’s can be full of dread because not only are you anticipating the weekend ending, but by leaving your chores for Sunday. And unless you REALLY enjoy them– it can make Sunday feel even more daunting. Doing house chores on Saturday morning or even Friday after work can free up the rest of your weekend, leaving Sunday stress free.

Do Some Self Care

Whether it be a run, some pampering, reading, enjoying a comfort meal or even watching your favorite show; decompressing your weekend and giving yourself some “me-time” can help ease into the busyness of the week come Monday.

Sunday = Meal Prep Day

Meal prep doesn’t have to be stressful. If you’re making meals that taste good and are good for you, you can have fun with it!  Hit the grocery store, call up a friend or get your significant other to do it with you. Cooking can be therapeutic knowing you’re making your work week that much easier.

Organize Yourself

Look at your calendar, spread out your tasks and use Sunday as a day to get yourself organized. Grab your to-do lists, get your weekly tasks down on paper and plan out your week accordingly.

Make Monday Plans

If you are someone who doesn’t like Monday because you feel like the enjoyment comes to an end – plan something for your Monday nights! Whether it be time with friends, date night or a hobby you can take on – having something to look forward to post-weekend will make Monday more enjoyable.

Or Keep Monday Free

On the contrary, if plans after a workday on Monday cause major stress – block your Monday’s off. Knowing that as soon as you get home from work you can do whatever you please – even if it’s nothing but having dinner and binging a Netflix show – can make Monday a day you look forward to.


How do you transition into the work week? Comment below!