employee satisfaction

Ensuring that employees enjoy their job, is becoming a top priority in business. If your employees love their work, their performance will reflect that. Knowing what to concentrate on and how to encourage employee satisfaction is important when you are an employer. Here are nine ways to help your staff love what they do!

1. Keep It Exciting

How do you ask? Two tips. Less micromanaging and more challenges. Micromanaging your staff can cause them to feel incapable of doing their job. Leave the overview to the weekly team/individual meetings and allow your employees to complete their jobs with confidence. By doing so, they’ll become more fluent in their day to day tasks and end up having more free time in their day. When this happens, asses their workload and find something new and challenging for them to tackle. This will avoid the feeling of long work days and give them a chance to learn new things.

2. Be a Leader

Give your staff clear tasks to complete so they know what is expected of them. You will prevent confusion, stress and even fewer mistakes by being direct. If and when your employees do make mistakes (which will happen) allow them to do so in a safe, non-hypercritical environment. When they feel understood, they are more likely to enjoy their work and be more effective.

3. Not Always a Forever Job

It’s becoming less common for employees to stick around with one company forever. And that’s ok. It’s not necessarily important, let alone suggests that your employee enjoys their job. A productive and positive employee experience is more important.  So how can you ensure they are productive and positive in the workplace? The better question is, how can you make your staff truly enjoy working for you?

4. First Impressions Matter

If you are the one who is doing the hiring in the office, make sure to give off a good first impression. When prospects go through an interview and feel mislead or unsure about their job responsibilities, it can leak into the first day of work causing them to feel disorganized and confused. Have a clear list of expectations, encourage open communication and allow them to feel supported by you.

5. Think Big Picture

When employees are coming into work every day with no purpose or have no goal they are trying to achieve, it can leave them feeling uninterested and disengaged. Give them a mission, or an overall goal to reach so they can see the progression and stay motivated. Then their day to day tasks won’t feel so mundane.

6. Publicly Recognize Them

Big or small, people love recognition.  Sometimes a little praise is all people need to successfully get the job done. But try taking it a step further and show praise to your staff in front of their colleagues. This can build confidence, performance and even commitment. When your employees feel that their efforts to do GOOD are being appreciated and acknowledged, they are more likely to work with intention, purpose, and efficiency.

7. The Right Fit

Placing an employee in a job position that compliments their traits and personality, is fundamental to your company. For example, if you put an extrovert in front of a computer and isolate them all day, chances are they are going to become bored and produce little to no productivity. Employers are using personality tests more and more to assess traits and capability for roles. There are a few popular tests that you can find on the internet that you can give to your employees and see where they fit best.

8. Give Them Feedback

Employees like feedback. They like to know if the tasks they are completing have been done properly, what can be fixed and what can be done differently next time. “The responsibility falls upon management to make employee journey a learning process with room to make mistakes, learn from them, modify their ideas and grow into something better.”-gethppy.com.  This not only gives confidence to your employees but also allows you as the employer to be engaged with your staff.

9. Have Fun Together

The workplace doesn’t always have to be a serious place. Although you want your employees to focus and take their jobs seriously, there are ways to weave in fun throughout your day. Take a poll and find out what the majority of your office likes to do or would like to do for team bonding/team outings. Host holiday lunches or plan a happy hour to get your company socializing with one another. If you want to take it up a notch,  you could even plan a holiday game day like office Olympics to encourage your staff that if they work hard, they can play hard too. Another idea could be celebrating birthdays with small treats if the size of your company allows it. Just make sure that there is something for everyone to feel comfortable participating in.