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The truth is, people aren’t convinced they can have it all. A successful career, family, partner, and fulfilled life? Not all at the same time. It’s overwhelming, hard to balance, and feels impossible at times. That’s why for this week’s link roundup we’re putting together all of the encouragement, tips and how-to’s on being a working parent and indeed: having it all. Check them out, below!

Working Parents, Here’s How to Feel Less Overwhelmed and More in Control (Because You’ve Got This)

“Sure, the chaos of parenting is both constant and unpredictable, but with a few smart strategies, working parents can exert control over certain parts of their lives, making the rest of it feel more manageable, and making parenting even more rewarding.” Check out how, here.

This Is The Secret To Being A Successful Working Mum

Working mom? It seems like there’s never enough that you can do. You miss out on school activities, you miss out on “firsts”. If this is how you feel, don’t worry. There are some tricks to balancing work with a family that can help. This blog presents a slideshow with 10 tips on how to rock the balance between being a working mom and the rest of your life. Check them out here.

Why Workplaces Need to Be Fairer to Working Dads

21% of dads felt that if they take the full paternity leave from their jobs, they’ll get fired. Twenty-one percent. Not to mention according to Harvard Business Review, a lawyer at a company “took eight weeks to care for his sick wife and newborn child. He could have taken 12. Still, when he came back to work, he was demoted and then fired”. Why do we feel this is acceptable? Click here to read more on why companies need to be fairer to working dads.

What It’s Really like to Be a Working Father

Working dads don’t get enough credit. Of course, the father making the money and the mother staying at home with the kids used to be the norm. But because it’s been rapidly changing in today’s society, we also have to address it differently. Hear what it’s like from a working father’s point of view on how they manage to keep it balanced.

How The Children Of Working Moms Feel About Them Now

It’s normal to feel guilty as a working mother and miss out on time with your kids. Because you’re not home, you regret not being more present. But have you ever wonder how kids of a working mom really feel? Hear their direct responses, here. You’ll be surprised.

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