You’ve reached a certain point in your job search where you need a new job but no longer want to wait. In this case, you feel the urge to accept the first job offer you’re presented with. However, there are a few things to consider first.

Aside from the Pay

To appropriately analyze a job offer you must look past the financial aspect. The position you are considering should assist you in your career path of where you want to be in the future. If you aren’t learning skills or getting the experience that will help you in your career, you could be wasting your time. Take inventory on other aspects of the job before just settling for the sole fact that you will be getting paid.

Ask Questions

Before you decide to accept a job offer which you are presented with, take some time to review the job description. Are you looking to be challenged? If so, is it a job you’ll be challenged in? If you’re confident in your ability to complete the tasks, your ability to grow in that specific role may be limited. If you are looking to be challenged in your career, you should seek out a role that allows you to expand your knowledge. However, if you read the job responsibilities, feel overqualified, but are still interested – ask some questions over the phone or in the interview. Inquire about how often the role takes on new projects, if there is room for growth, or if you can seek out personal development within your role. A great and (Generally) long-time employee is one who continuously grows and improves within their role. So don’t be afraid to ask.

When To Accept

Although you don’t want to accept the first position you are presented with, you also don’t want to turn away every position just because it’s the 100% complete fit. While the job may not check all the boxes, you want to find a position that the perks greatly outweigh the lack. Does the job offer growth at the cost of a slightly lower salary? Look for a trade-off that will take your career in the right direction before you decide.


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