“Are you willing to relocate?” the question can surprise you if you’re not expecting it. Being prepared for understanding how you feel about relocating for your career is important. You’re not going to have the same answer for every opportunity and every location – but knowing how to come to a decision will help make the process easier. Check out these things to consider, below!

Do Your Research (And What to Avoid)

With all of the resources floating around the internet, and the opportunity to look up a review for just about anything – it’s becoming easier to get an idea firsthand about any company. However, you shouldn’t always believe what you read. For example, people are not going to review a shirt they bought on Amazon the same way they are going to review a company. Often times people who take the time to leave reviews – do so because they had one bad experience and wanted to post it online. Which then sets the precedent for that business’s reputation. There are plenty of people who have great experiences and never leave reviews at all.

So although checking reviews can be super helpful in some cases – they should not be the be-all-end-all. Instead, ask around within your network of people you trust – and get their feedback. Then if you want to factor your decision based on the reputation the company holds from a reliable source – then you know you can do so confidently.

But either way, still allow yourself to develop your own opinion by communicating with the company itself.

Research The Relocation City

When you are considering relocating, do your research on the new location that you are possibly going to be moving to. How are the surrounding towns/areas? What is the atmosphere like? Is it more city or country like? What would you prefer? Is it something different than you’re used to? Are you open for a change? How is the cost of living? Are you willing to make the adjustment? Take some time and figure out some of the answers to these questions. The more research you do – the more comfortable you can be making a decision.

Ask For Alternatives

If you feel like after doing some research you’re not 100% willing to relocate for a job, ask for alternatives. Just because you don’t want to take up the opportunity to move, doesn’t mean that they may not have another option for you! They may even ask what you have in mind, and in turn, work with you to create a more flexible option that they may not have even considered. It doesn’t hurt to ask if it helps you make your decision.

Culture and Lifestyle “Fit”

Not only is the location important geographically, but the way the company culture is, is just as important. What is it like? What is the staff like? The location could be great, but the company culture could be something you aren’t comfortable joining. So don’t be afraid to ask these questions.

Be Honest

If you have hesitations or concerns about relocating even though you may be nervous it will deter your chances of being hired- you are better off being honest right from the beginning. Share how you’re feeling and be open with the recruiter/hiring manager. Then they can better understand where you’re hesitation is coming from – and go accordingly.

Confirm the Details

Lastly, ensure that you have all of the accurate details before you make your decision. Finalize and confirm all of the information. Get as many details as you can – and then take some time to evaluate. But don’t feel you need to give an answer right when they ask the question “Are you willing to relocate?”. A simple, “I would consider relocating depending on the circumstances! What are the details?” or a response with some questions is a good way to get the ball rolling and see if the position is right for you.