While we may have missed the hey day for the industrial revolution or the big tech boom, there is something we all are currently experiencing: The Age of the Apps. Applications on cell phones and web browsers can help you with pretty much anything, hence the saying ‘There’s an app for that.’ It stands to reason that there are some apps that would be extremely handy to job seekers, and that is what we’re going to discuss today! We’ve broken the sections below into 3 categories: Apps, Blogs, and Online Resources.

Advantageous Apps

Any.do– This app is a great way to keep yourself up to date on everything you have going on. It can function as a calendar, a notepad, a sticky note board, or a scheduler. If you have a lot to do this is a great free way to keep track of it all.

Business Card Reader– This is the only paid app listed, because Business Card Reader is great for anyone who is currently doing a lot of networking. This app allows you to scan business cards into your phone contacts through your camera. It will automatically grab all relevant information and enter it under a new contact.

Flipboard – If you’ve ever been flipping through news channels and found your interest lacking, this is the cure. You can tailor the kind of news that appears in your feed so it meets your needs as a reader. This is a great way to keep up on industry trends for anyone searching for a job.

Glassdoor – A few of these apps are a piece of their larger online brothers and sisters, but they’re still equally helpful. The Glassdoor app allows you to find average salaries for different types of positions, as well as find reviews on companies. It’s a great way to hear what a voice from the inside thinks of the workplace and company culture.

Indeed – You’ve likely already heard of Indeed. It’s searching functions are absolutely the best, which leads many job seekers to using it to find open positions.

LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a great way to get yourself out there and strengthen your network. Sometimes these situations can be time sensitive, so being able to connect on the go is extremely helpful. It also allows you to keep up to date on your LinkedIn messages and news.

Beneficial Blogs

Blogging 4 Jobs– This blog is all about career advice, and is updated with new blogs daily. There is a wide variety of contributors and the topics are all diverse, so you can certainly find something helpful.

Career Realism– With the tagline ‘Because Every Job is Temporary’ this blog will certainly pull you right in, making sure you’re constantly prepared as an employee and job seeker. They also have some neat quizzes that help you discover your work preferences.

Coffee Break by Walrath Recruiting– There is something to be said about shameless self promotion, and we wouldn’t want you to forget about us with all of these other fantastic blogs!

Evil HR Lady– This blog is all about HR problems written by one HR expert, hence the title. It’s Question & Answer format is very appealing to read. If you have an HR dispute, it’s probably been covered by Evil HR Lady. A great resource for job seekers and employees.

PayScale– PayScale is towards the end of this list because it could fall under both Blogs and Online Resources. Their page does have a fantastic company blog with great advice. However, their main function is making sure employers know how much they should be paying for salaries, and employee know how much they should get. See what you’re worth by checking out their website.

Opportune Online Resources

Doodle– You may initially think of Doodle Jump, the popular mobile phone game, however, this type of Doodle is much more helpful. Doodle allows you to plan a meeting much more efficiently. You can invite everyone involved, and then they can block out their availability. This allows you to find the best time to  meet for everyone involved.

Flux– If you spend your nights on your computer combing through job boards, this computer application was made for you. Flux is designed to adjust your monitor brightness and color tone based on the time of day. This way it will begin to ease the brightness towards the end of the day as the sun goes down.

Office Templates Online– For anyone using Microsoft Office Suite, if you  haven’t checked out their online templates do yourself a favor and click. There are some great resume and business card templates. You may want to make some changes yourself to be different, but these are a great starting point.

Session Buddy– This is something I personally use every week to keep track of all the tabs I have open. If you’re someone who is networking online or doing research on your potential employers you may want to consider this web app. Session Buddy will take a snapshot of all your open tabs. This allows you to close your browser and then restore them with just a few clicks whenever your reopen the browser. The one thing to keep in mind about Session Buddy is that it is only compatible with Chrome.