5 05, 2014

Tips for Graduates

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Photo Credit: evoo73 via Compfight, cc. It’s the beginning of May 2014, the flowers are beginning to bloom and the weather is getting nicer. Its also the time of year when many young adults will begin their search and enter into the workforce. For many new and recent graduates, this will be the first “job” of your career. A job that you went to school for, a job more than the part time job you had during high school and or college, it will the first job of your career. Hopefully throughout your years in college you completed internships, networked, and [...]

21 04, 2014

Job Searching While Employed

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Are you one of the many people out there looking for a newer job, better job, or just a career change? This situation becomes very awkward for many people while they are still employed at their current job, you are definitely not alone in this feeling. Job searching is never an easy task, as it is time consuming and needs your full attention. Searching while still employed can be a cause of additional stress and can create ethical issues for many when not handled correctly although, there are a few things that you can do in order to make this [...]

9 04, 2014

Networking Events – A Social Guide

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Networking events are very popular in all types of industries and we see them in all shapes, styles and colors, but they have the same overall purpose. Making valuable connections with new people. Although, people attending social networking events often make a common mistake, they try get as many contacts as possible, as quickly as possible. While getting new contacts is a necessity for businesses (and the purpose of the networking event), it is important to also look at the quality of the contacts we are making while we attend these different events. […]

3 04, 2014

Standing Out in an Interview – A How To List

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There is a lot of effort put into job searching daily, resumes are updated, edited, and posted to the multitude of employment websites on the internet. If you are one of the many people searching for a job and you finally get the call back for an interview, what is there to do next? Interview preparation is the next step and a very necessary one at that. Proper preparation can lead to that “new” job as long as you are the candidate that makes the most impact. […]

13 02, 2014

I used to be Snow White…

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As we watch the snow falling from the windows of our offices at 3 Winners Circle in Albany, we have to maintain a sense of humor. It's getting harder and harder as the winter progresses, but with today's impending nor'easter, we have no choice.  Stay safe out there, Capital District! "I used to be Snow White, but I drifted." - Mae West        

3 02, 2014

Avoiding Common Cover Letter Blunders

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When applying to a recruiting firm like Walrath, job seekers often opt out of submitting the cover letter. The resume is typically our starting point in terms of recruiting an individual for a position, so an application sans cover letter is perfectly fine; we’ll request additional info that one might include within the content of a cover letter if needed. […]

13 01, 2014

What Am I Doing Wrong?

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We come into contact with many applicants who are aggressively attacking the job market, treating it as a full-time job. Most times, individuals feel comfortable enough with us to vent their frustrations, which we listen to and address by offering the best advice we can possibly give based on the individual’s specific situation. Sometimes, applicants who’ve applied to positions for several weeks or months without receiving offers bluntly ask, “what am I doing wrong?”  Good question, but with multiple answers. […]

26 12, 2013

Meet Deanna

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"We play Scattergories as a family and all of us cheat by Googling the answers", Deanna replied when I asked her what she likes to do with her mom, dad, and older brother. Turning Stone Resort Casino is another regular outing for the Socaris family. Deanna, a recruiter at Walrath, does anything and everything with abundant energy and positivity - including recruiting, of course. If something isn't very lively, she does what she can to spice it up. A member and chapter Grand Vice President of the Maids of Athena organization, Deanna is dedicated to her community as well as [...]

20 12, 2013

Getting to Know Our Staff – Meet Meghan

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She recruits, specializing in the Engineering and Construction industries, and she's a Siena Graduate with a background in Management.  What else does one really need to know about Meghan Sullivan? For starters, that she's a very warm and friendly individual. More than just a face at Walrath Recruiting, she's an important part of how the company succeeds - she's a valuable contact if you're on the job market, and a great recruiter if you're a business owner seeking that next remarkable addition to your company.  Meghan is someone you can get to know, and trust. She's an approachable person who [...]

20 11, 2013

Turning an Internship into a full time job

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This week, we welcomed two new interns to our team.  We typically offer one to two internships per semester, providing students with backgrounds ranging from accounting to technology and of course, human resources, an opportunity to learn the recruiting industry. Our internships involve real recruiting experience, networking, and other components that prepare students for a full-time job in recruiting or related area.  Completing an internship prior to applying for a full-time position in your career field is one of the most valuable experiences you can have, one that is extremely influential to hiring managers reviewing your resume. Often times students [...]