Traveling for work can sound fun, and there are endless perks; getting out of the office, going to different cities, meeting people, etc. However, it can also bring on fatigue, stress and other issues if you’re not well prepared. So we put together all of the best articles on business travel hacks to de-stress and make work travel simpler and more enjoyable. Find out below!

51 Smart Podcasts That Will Make Your Commute Way Better

The act of passive listening is here and THRIVING, and that’s why podcasts are taking over the world. It’s a way to multi-task and learn all at once. Not to mention when you’re traveling – it’s a great use of your time, and makes the time pass by in a productive way. Keep this list handy, you’ll need it.

How to Stay Productive and on Task When Traveling for Work

“While traveling has its perks (expensed meals, the thrill of a new city and a change of scenery), it can also pose stress on our daily routines and productivity levels with both our work and personal lives.”  Here are 3 quick tips that you can implement right now for your next business travel trip.

11 Business Travel Trips from Frequent Business Travelers

Want to hear from individuals in the travel industry giving their insight on how to best prepare for a business trip? Check it out!

Best Travel Tips: 21 Travel Hacks That Experienced Business Travelers Say to Use When You Hit the Road

If we haven’t given you enough travel hacks so far, here are some more to help make the process even smoother. Like shipping gifts, minimizing TSA time and early check-in.

10 Best Apps for Business Travelers

What kind of helpful business travel tip list would this be if we didn’t include apps to make your life easier? “These handy mobile tools can make all the difference”. You’re welcome.