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A career change is a big decision, one that should certainly be well thought out. Knowing what you want in your future position or industry is important before jumping to transition without thought. There are questions you should be asking yourself and steps you should be taking. Check them out in our round of advice in this week’s link roundup below!

6 Things to Consider Before Switching Jobs

Sometimes we need a change of pace or we may no longer see ourselves working somewhere. Whatever the reason may be, before making a job transition, it’s important to think about it. What are your career goals? What do you not like about your current job that you want to be changed in your next? These are all important questions to ask yourself.  Check out 6 things you should consider before switching jobs from ModernMedicine Network. The article focuses on radiologists, but these apply to everyone!

The First 5 Steps You Should Take to Start Making a Career Change

When you’re feeling dissatisfied or unhappy in the workplace, it may be time for a career change. Making a switch can seem scary, especially when you may be thinking about transitioning into an industry or field that you don’t have experience in. Forbes has you covered on the first 5 steps you should take when you want to make a change.

5 Ways to Grow Your Network from Scratch In a New Industry

Networking is one of the best resources when it comes to finding a new job and meeting new individuals in another industry. Whether this is done online or off, meeting new people can help excel your career and make the change you’re looking for happen. Aside from attending networking events, what are some ways you can grow a network from scratch? Glassdoor has the answers!

How to Adapt Your CV for a Career Change

Whether you’re writing a CV or resume, this article provides great advice for proper formatting when making a career change. With little experience in the industry or field we want to move in to, we may feel hopeless. Or maybe we don’t think anyone would hire us for the new career position with the experience noted on your resume. You’d be surprised! There are ways to help you excel and land the career change you’re seeking. Find out how here.

This Is How to Recover When Your Career Risk Backfires

A career change or transition is a risk! Sometimes things don’t work out and it’s unfortunate, yes, but not the end of the world. When we make mistakes or fail, it’s important to bounce back stronger than ever and learn from it. The Muse notes 5 common career risks and how to overcome failure if it happens.

We hope this advice helps you on your journey to finding your dream job and the job satisfaction that you deserve! Have you ever made a change in your career path? Share with us the steps you took!