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28 07, 2016

Silver Screen Career Advice: The Intern

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Last year’s The Intern was vastly different from the buddy comedy offered in The Internship. This film is especially great at it’s conversation of generational differences. In addition to that, it offers some great career advice. Whether you’re 22 years old or 70 years young, this film has something for everyone. The whole plot revolves around an extremely successful design startup. This startup company decides to implement a new ‘senior’ intern program. In this program, the average age is beyond or around retirement age. This proves to shake up the largely millennial workforce at the company with interesting results. […]

14 07, 2016

Silver Screen Career Advice: Jerry Maguire

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1996’s Jerry Maguire starring Tom Cruise is a film that will forever be known for one line. When Cruise emotionally professes to Renee Zellweger’s character, “You complete me” as Secret Garden plays in the background it’s not easily forgotten. The film is full of great quotable lines, whether it’s “Show me the money” or “Help me, help you!  However, once you’re able to get past the films quotable lines, it does offer some extremely insightful career advice. Read on for the full breakdown. […]

7 07, 2016

Silver Screen Career Advice: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

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Another film that holds fantastic real life lessons is The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Ben Stiller directs the film and also stars in the main role. Mitty (Stiller) is a man who realizes he is just wandering through life without any real drive or inspiration. However, over the course of the movie he sets out on a journey to find purpose and explore the unknown. […]

23 06, 2016

Silver Screen Career Advice: Moneyball

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2011’s Moneyball was a film that follows Oakland Athletic’s General Manager Billy Beane. Beane had an uncanny ability to build a team that could compete with a unique approach. His new way of thinking changed baseball forever. The film was most popular with a sports audience, but the film holds many important business lessons applicable to almost any industry. Read on to find out what can be learned from a viewing! […]

16 06, 2016

Silver Screen Career Advice: Up in the Air

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Starting this week, we will be discussing a movie that we think teaches valuable lessons about the challenges facing all of us in developing a career, and trying to maintain the careful balance between work and life. This week we’ll be discussing Up in the Air starring George Clooney, Anna Kendrick, Jason Bateman, and many more. […]

13 06, 2016

Job Inspiration from Pop Culture Icons

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This week we’ve decided to look at some of our favorite quotes from famous pop culture icons from film, television, and literature, to see how those quotes can be applied to career philosophy. While you may have heard some of these popular quotes before, looking at them from a career perspective can be extremely eye opening and helpful. […]

7 12, 2012

I Want That Job! Fun Careers in Film

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Moneyball focuses on the careers of an MLB team owner and a sabermetrics analyst. When you think about the jobs you wanted as a kid, who – or what – influenced your choices? I remember idolizing Clarice Starling, famed 90’s movie heroine who made the struggle of training as a new FBI agent look downright awesome in Silence of the Lambs. I wanted to be just like her – independent, strong-minded, brave, intelligent, and pretty to boot. For years I dreamed of being the next Clarice, but eventually learned that movies weren’t a realistic source of inspiration when [...]

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