This Sunday, October 20th, Walrath Recruiting, Inc. will be participating in the Albany Making Strides event in an effort to raise awareness for breast cancer research. Last year’s event was huge, with over 15k participating; we are anticipating an even bigger crowd this year and cannot wait to walk as team “Dedicated to the Cure” (a play on words with our company slogan, “Dedicated to the Perfect Fit”.)

Team names are hard to choose when it comes to awareness walks and other related events. We had fun with last year’s team name, choosing “Fifty Shades of Pink”. We thought it appropriate for the event as it was lighthearted and fun, and coincided with pop culture at that point in time (plus most of us may – or may not – have bought into the Fifty Shades of Gray hype and read all of E.L. James’ books!) This year, we opted for a more mature theme that not only works with our company slogan and mission, but is usable for years to come. Our team, Dedicated to the Cure, will be made up of 12+ Walrath Recruiting staff members, family members and friends (and my 7 week old baby boy!) Needless to say, we’re excited. The energy at Making Strides is infectious and inspiring!

We would like to thank those who have supported our team effort to raise money for Making Strides. Your donations and/or time spent with our team is greatly appreciated!

We would also like to thank T-Shirt Graphics of Ballston Spa for making our shirt design idea come to life!

Walrath Recruiting "Dedicated to the Cure" team tee

The front design of our team tees

Walrath Recruiting breast cancer awareness tees

…and the back design.