One of the hardest things about Monday’s is arriving to work, and taking on the workload that you didn’t finish on Friday. Whether it be emails that weren’t sent or tasks that you pushed off. But using Monday’s as a catch-up day takes away from the ability to use Monday to set up a productive week. We’re sharing how to reduce the Monday stress by making sure you do these two simple things on Friday.

Be Proactive

Write down all of the tasks that need attention before the weekend. What can you follow up on? What emails can you send? Taking time out of your Friday to tackle tasks that would fall on Monday’s schedule, will help you better handle spur of the moment tasks on Monday that may need your attention. Which in turn will ease the stress of Monday’s busy schedule.

Look Ahead & Plan

When you don’t have to stress about the things that must be done on Monday, your weekends become more fulfilling and relaxing.  Write out a to-do list for when you return from the weekend so you can plan ahead. Know what needs to be done first thing Monday morning, and what can wait. That way come Monday when you arrive to work – you can plug yourself into your day knowing you are tackling the largest, or most important tasks first thing.


What do you tackle on Friday to help ease your Monday?