People in all stages of their careers end up questioning their path at some point. “Am I on the right track in my career path? Have I really found the company and position that is the best ‘fit’ for me?” Some may be just starting their career search and have researched and found some jobs they like; others may already be working and have been approached by a recruiter who would like to send them as a potential candidate to one of their clients. The next step is getting the interview, and if selected, to impress and prove to the company that they are the best candidate for the job. But how can you know if it’s really the right job?

Regardless of your position in your career path, there is one thing you must remember about interviewing: This is your chance to interview the company as well! It is your career, after all. Finding out if you will fit in with the company’s culture and mission should be a top priority during the interview for you, as well as for the company.

The interview presents the opportunity to get a feel for the company, how they work, what their goals are and what their working environment and culture are like. Indicators that the company will be the right fit for you should come beyond just the benefits and pay that they’re offering (and honestly, you really shouldn’t be discussing those in an initial interview).

Other than salary and benefits, be sure that the company is a place that puts you on track with your career goals. Asking about growth opportunity within the company or whether they provide you with ways to learn new skills and improve on those you already possess are great places to start. Discuss the employer’s expectations of you and if you will have the ability to make decisions or take actions that directly affect what you may be working on. These types of questions can identify if the company fits into your career goals, and are important to know when you consider continuing your career path at a new company.

The overall goal of an interview is to prove to the employer that you are the right candidate for the position. As you prepare for your interview, remember it is also your opportunity to find out if you will truly fit into the company, in a position where you can grow professionally and take pride in the work you accomplish.


By: Renee Walrath