No sleep at work.

The Surprising Way Working On No Sleep Is Affecting Your Career

If you’ve been putting in long hours at the office that have been affecting your sleep schedule, it may actually be working against you. Whatever the reason may be, lack of sleep can be detrimental to your work. A new study found that not getting enough sleep inhibits your ability to detect body language and facial expressions. This means you won’t know how your boss really feels about the last project you submitted, unless they outright tell you. Body language plays a huge role in most jobs, so if you work in one of them, you may want to focus more on getting your Zzzzs at night. Other discoveries found that people without sleep are more irritable, less productive, and take more PTO.

7 Tips to Build Your LinkedIn Brand

Struggling to build up your reputation on LinkedIn? MarketWatch is here to help with some great tips! While LinkedIn has a few early suggestions to get your profile to ‘All-Star’, it’s not usually enough. Going the extra mile on LinkedIn will make a big difference, and this article will help you achieve a stronger profile. With just 7 quick tips, you will be on track to a better profile that will help you market yourself.

This Recruiter’s Interview Prep Will Land Your Next Dream Job

Having the right recruiter on your side during your job search can be a huge help. Keith Liscio is the president of an executive search firm, and he has the insider scoop on the best way to prep for an interview. While this type of advice is usually offered further into the hiring process from a recruiter, he’s offering it now! So if you’re looking for a new job, this is a great way to get prepared for an upcoming interview. Check out his personal advice to make sure you do the best you can in your next interview.

8 Questions to Ask in a Job Interview That Will Make You Look Smart

Continuing on the topic of interviews, one of the recommendations from the previous article is asking questions. This will demonstrate your interest in the position, and it will also help you learn more about the position. If you’re unsure what you should be asking, these 8 questions will help get you started. Instead of just listing out the questions, they also explain the value of each one. This will also help you naturally come up with new questions to ask, and you’ll be on track for better interviews!

Cyber Security Jobs in High Demand, Currently 1 Million Job Openings

Recently 1 million job seekers had their data hacked. This is a testament to the importance of cyber security. Year to year, large companies continue to get hacked, and it’s very clear that this isn’t a problem that is going away anytime soon. However, the larger issue regarding cyber security is that there aren’t enough qualified workers to keep up with the need for cyber security services. This article breaks down the disparity between the want and the reality of employees.

15 Career-Defining Learning Experiences You Can Learn From

Ever had a moment in your career that brought you to a big realization? Usually those revelations take a lot of work. To spare you from all the time, this Forbes writer has compiled a list of employees learning experiences. Instead of going to the trouble of experiencing yourself, now you can conveniently learn the lesson without making the mistakes. It’s a great deal, and you should certainly check out some of the stories!

I Tried a 25-Year-Old CEO’s Top 3 Career Tricks, and They Worked

Wondering how a young CEO is able to keep up with an insurmountable amount of work? If so, this article may hold your answer. Brian Wong, the CEO of Kiip shared 3 of his tips and tricks for staying happy, healthy, and successful in your career. If you’re expecting typical business tips, you may be surprised. Wong suggests, among a few things, the importance of disconnecting and recharging. Getting away from networks and work is sometimes just as important as punching the clock.

How Artificial Intelligence Will Affect Your Job

Although joking about the threat of our rising robot overlords is fun, artificial intelligence is going to have a significant impact on most workplaces. While it does depends on the type of work you are in, there will be effects felt throughout most industries. This change isn’t contained just to automation. Another possibility includes management AI that is able to analyze emails of workers to determine if they are unhappy within their role. This would allow for less direct oversight from management. Although human managers are likely here to stay for awhile, some of their monitoring responsibilities may be outsourced to our robotic friends. The way we work is constantly changing, and it’s likely the workplace in just a few years will look vastly different the workplace of today.