expansionWhether you’re running a business, tackling new projects at home, building work experience or playing a sport, you shouldn’t settle. Growth is an exciting experience, and though it may require some adjusting, is a reliable sign that you’re doing the right things.

With the amount of business we’ve been seeing in the past calendar year, it was inevitable that we would eventually have to add staff and potentially outgrow our office space. To make a long story short, welcome 2013, and welcome office expansion!

Early this Spring, we will be moving to a more spacious suite at our 3 Winners Circle address. We’ve recently added a new intern to the mix, and look forward to our new full-time Recruiter Assistant joining the team this week! Once our office move is complete, we will continue to add staff. Needless to say, we’re excited for the possibilities a larger space offers and look forward to welcoming guests in our doors for a visit.